My Year in Review: 2020

Uh, is it even worth doing one of these posts? I mean, I don’t think anyone had a good 2020, and we’re all waiting for it to be over. But I do have a few things to highlight or talk about, so if anything, this post won’t be as fun as last year’s.


I was social twice! Which A. is a miracle for me, and B. little did I know it’d be one of the last times I could leave the house/go out in public/be with other people. On New Year’s Day, I went out to dinner with two of the girls from the ice cream shop and one of their boyfriends. It was fun to catch up with them.

I also grabbed drinks with a co-worker at the local casino, and it was really nice to hang out with her outside of work and talk about a bunch of random stuff. The drink I got was called “The Old Man and the Sea” and it was really good. Plus it came in a fish glass!

We celebrated Sadie Mae’s 11th birthday!


I shared my Super Bowl LIV recap along with all of the snacks we had. And, unfortunately this year, I did suffer from heartburn.

I grabbed dinner with a friend from college, and we normally see each other once a year. He’s one of a handful of people I still talk to from college.

I worked on my love-hate relationship with running while training for my 10K race in March.

I also think this was the month that me and three of my co-workers made plans to buy tickets for a Red Sox game in the end of February. Boy were we naïve.


Okay, well, we pretty much all know what happened in March. My last day working in the office was March 18; the university where I work extended its spring break and moved to online classes afterward for the rest of the semester. It was bit of a crazy time for us in the marketing department as we had to shift all of our priorities and figure out what we could do virtually/online/digitally.

I set up my work from home set-up in my bedroom, as my dad had already been working from home a week before I started, and he has his set-up in the basement. It was a bit of an adjustment to start working from home while living with my parents, but now it’s nothing.

I had two road races cancelled this month: the 10K I had spent the winter training for and a 5K that I ran last year. Prior to everything shutting down, I “sort of” joined a running group and had the opportunity to run once with them. Ironically, we ran the 10K race route, so in a weird way I did actually run that race, but minus all of the green festive St. Patrick’s Day things.

By the end of March, I was super anxious about a lot of things pandemic-related, and I didn’t leave my house for about five weeks. It wouldn’t be until sometime in late April/early May that I’d leave. I am glad that I live where I live because my state was quickly put into a stay at home order and mask mandate.


I spent most of my time reading, running, watching a lot of TV/Netflix, and doing puzzles, very pandemic cliche. The lack of sports did suck, as I was looking forward to baseball starting. And at this time, I think we still maybe thought we could go to the Red Sox game in the last week of May??

I started really reading the Harry Potter series during this month, the first time in my entire life that I’ve read the series. I was grateful that I borrowed the books from a co-worker before the pandemic so that I had books to read during quarantine while the town library was closed.

We celebrated Maggie’s 8th birthday! You can see Sadie Mae in the background of the top photo.


The first weekend was my first trip out of the house since the middle of March. My mom took me to Walgreens so I could get out. I also started reading outside as the weather got nicer.

I made frozen pineapple margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. And yes that’s a Christmas glass. Don’t judge.

I celebrated my 26th birthday in quarantine. Back in March part of me thought we’d be in the clear by the end of May, but no. But birthdays in 2020 don’t actually count, so I’m still 25.

I share my birthday with my mom, and we got an ice cream cake from the ice cream shop to celebrate. I let the girls decorate it however they wanted, and one of the girls I’m close with decorated it and did a great job.

And we never made it to that end of May Red Sox game.


I finished the Harry Potter series! And you can read all of my thoughts and questions here.

Since all of the road races I was signed up for this year got cancelled or my registration got moved to next year, I did a virtual 10K through UConn Health. This one took two attempts to finish—I don’t know why I thought I could run 6.2 miles before work—but the second attempt went much better. My final time was 1:11:38, and I got a nice t-shirt and medal regardless.

The town library opened back up in June! And I was so excited. At the end of May they opened up for curbside pick-up, which I did once, but it’s not the same as being able to go inside. They quarantined any returned books for seven days, and the first time I went, there were only a handful of people inside. They put up Plexiglas, had markers on the floor, and removed most of the computers and furniture. (They’ve been opened ever since, but now you have to make an appointment to go to limit the people inside.)


I participated in a miles challenge and fundraiser through the running group I had joined in March. My goal was to run/walk 50 miles, and I ended up finishing with 52.87 miles.

Baseball officially came back, and I read a ton of books. Perks of not leaving the house.


We lost power for about two days in the beginning of the month due to Tropical Storm Isaias. Thankfully we have a generator and were able to use that to keep the fridge, freezer, electricity, and AC going. Our TV and internet went out over the first night, so it was weird but also kind of nice to be off the grid for a few days.

I also started doing “normal” things again, like getting a hair cut, blueberry picking, and went to the package store. My state has been in a mask mandate since the end of March/beginning of April, and my mom made a bunch of fabric ones for all of us to wear.

I STARTED DRINKING COFFEE!!!!! Who would have thought it would have taken until a global pandemic for me to do so.

Work wise, the fall semester began in the last week of August with all of the protocols in place: mask wearing, social distancing, one way directions in buildings, and testing. I continued working from home for the entire fall semester, only going to campus for an every other week in-person meeting.


I ran virtual 5K in the middle of the month, and I finished in exactly 35:00 minutes. I hadn’t been running much prior to that, so I’d take whatever time I got.

By this month, I was feeling pretty exhausted, frustrated, and also blah. I think it was the combination of the upcoming election, RBG’s death, and you know, the whole global pandemic thing.


In the beginning of the month, my parents and I voted via absentee ballot since you could use COVID as a reason to vote absentee in Connecticut. I also got promoted at work! My new title is Digital/Social Media Specialist.

I bought a planner for 2021, which I’m not sure was being too optimistic. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Hartford Marathon went virtual this year and offered a 5K, 10K, half, and marathon. I signed up for the 5K and 10K. My 5K time was 32:01 and I ran the entire 3.1 miles without stopping. My 10K time was 1:13:31.

I reached my goal of reading 65 books during October! And bought a new MacBook Pro.


Hahahaha I survived Election Night Week. The entire week I felt like I was going to throw up and you could not peel me away from MSNBC. The one time I actually left the house—to go to the hair dresser—they called the election for Biden/Harris. In the end, I’m just really happy everyone got to see Steve Kornacki for who he truly is: a national treasure. (I’ve already made plans to take January 20th off and my mom and I are making snacks for the day.)

I was invited to participate in a Thanksgiving Blogger Potluck and also shared what I’m thankful for this year. My parents and I stayed home for Thanksgiving this year, and I spent most of the day watching the Macy’s Parade, the dog show, and football.

These were my plans for the week off I had around Thanksgiving.


Once Thanksgiving was over, we put up our Christmas decorations in the house.

We went to pick out our Christmas tree at the little family farm we’ve gone the last few years. And, of course, I had to wear my Christmas light mask.

For part of the month, I wasn’t feeling all that festive. I think I had assumed once the holidays came around, I’d feel super festive because I literally have nothing else going on in my life. It got better once I started watching more Christmas movies and listened to Christmas music whenever I could.

I had the last two weeks of the month off, so I decided to completely re-do my bedroom! I’ll have a post out next month recapping the entire process.

So, yeah, 2020, huh? It made me sad to have to keep crossing fun things out of my planner. Who knows what next year will bring but keep wearing your masks, stock up on hand sanitizer, and stay safe. Maybe this time next year will sort of look normal again.

My blog stats for 2020 (as of this post): 93 total posts, 54,315 total words, and a little less than 9,000 views. Taylor Swift Songs Bracket is my most viewed post of the year.

My 2021 Resolutions post will be out tomorrow!

How was your 2020—if that’s even a question worth asking?


    • I thought about not doing one but then it wouldn’t be consistent with the ones I’ve done the last few years. It’s hard to do a year in review when not much happened during the year.

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    • …I cheat and use my monthly recaps to remember what happened each month.

      OKAY so yeah I spilt some tea on it the other day. SO WHAT. But for real that picture was taken the first day the book arrived at my house. Simpler, and much drier times.

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    • Me starting to drink coffee I think surprised everyone and myself since I had said I hated it for so long haha. I’m obsessed with the seasonal coffee creamers.


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