Post-Super Bowl LIV Thoughts

A few days late but I’m here with my Super Bowl LIV recap! I’m just honestly happy the New England Patriots weren’t in this Super Bowl. It makes my life a whole lot easier.

We went on a pre-Super Bowl walk with the puppers. Here’s Sadie Mae holding a glove as she walks. It’s a thing that started when she was a puppy—she’s 11 now!!!!—and when we walk them during the winter, she always needs to hold a glove.

When we got home, I helped with some of the snacks—I made the taco dip by myself—before watching a few shows in my DVR. Then I flipped between the pre-game show on FOX and the Puppy Bowl. It’s amazing how they find enough content to fill up 5+ hours before the game.


*They’re made with wonton wrappers and chucks of mozzarella. They’re AMAZING. My mom found the recipe years ago, and I love them.

Unfortunately, I did eat too much and suffered through some heartburn during the game. (TUMS: please sponsor me!!!!!)

I spent the day in my New York Giants onesie. (Thanks, QVC.) My drink of choice for the evening was a pomegranate, persimmon, and pear milkshake by Vanished Valley, a local brewery. I really like fruity beers, and I like milkshake beers. This one wasn’t as quite “milkshake-y” as others I’ve had, but I enjoyed this beer.

Can’t forget about dessert! Homemade rice crispy treats with peanut butter, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and sprinkles. (Recipe here from Girl Meets Farm. THEY ARE SO GOOD.)

My thoughts…

The lady signing the National Anthem is the best. Give her MVP. 

I’ve always liked Demi Lovato, even in her Disney days. So claps to you, Demi. 

The McDonalds commercial before kick off that showed people’s different orders was cool. 

Whoa, throwback Jake from State Farm?! NEW JAKE AND OLD JAKE. 

Not sure how I feel about FOX switching up the graphics?? Feels like they should have done a trial of that during the post-season.

*49ers hand off the ball to run*
My mom: I don’t like when they do that. They don’t get very far. 

Does the world really need 37 different Fast & Furious movies?

I once watched Travis Kelce try to find love on a show called “Catching Kelce” on E! and it was a total Bachelor rip-off and he didn’t end up staying together with the girl he picked too long after the show ended. 


My mom: I can’t change the channel or else we’ll miss the commercials. 
Me: I don’t make the rules. 

Love the Hyundai commercial. “Sorry ya bigness.”

Also like the Olay commercial, making space for women. 

The Chiefs mascot is creepy. And fun fact: he’s in the Mascot Hall of Fame. 

The Google commercial with the old guy 😭


I appreciate the few notes of Led Zeppelin during Shakira’s performance. 

The ratio of singing to dancing in this halftime show is like 30:70. 

I feel like Kyle Shanahan buys his hats at Lids before games. I think it’s the flat brim. 

Liked the Lil Nas X/Doritos commercial. Just because I like the song. 

Richard Nixon in the Alexa commercial!!

Jimmy Fallon *while running*: This is it. This is how I die. 
^ ME

And then I went to bed at 9:30 🤷🏻‍♀️ I found the game to be boring, but apparently I jumped the gun on that once since the fourth quarter seemed pretty exciting.

I wished the 49ers won, but it really doesn’t matter to me. Some red and gold team won.

If you watched, thoughts on the game? Thoughts on the halftime show? Thoughts on the commercials?


  1. The food looks good! The KC mascot confuses me. I looked up why he’s a wolf and it’s a dumb reason. Kyle Shanahan’s hat does look like it’s from Lids. Good call. And the whole Fast & Furious thing is foreign to me. Never seen any of them.

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  2. They got lucky with the confetti at the end because it was red and gold no matter who won – LOL. Happy the 49ers lost, and especially happy because the final score put $100 in our pocket. I colored most of the time and the only commercial I really remember is the Google one because I had read about it before. Half time show, eh. I’d have rather seen a good band.

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  3. I love your commentary on the game and the commercials. I’m not a sports person but we went over to my parents house with some friends and I spent the whole game reading or sleeping. 😂 I watched the halftime show and some commercials though!

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  4. Aw that’s so cute that Sadie Mae carries a glove when she walks in the winter. Looks like you guys had a great menu! My family just cooked some frozen pizza and had cheesecake haha. My mom told me I had to watch the SuperBowl because of the dog/Weather Tech commercial. It was definitely one of my faves!

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    • Sadie is such a big baby for a dog that’s 11 haha. But we’ve spoiled her and my other dog, Maggie, over the years. The dog Weatertech commercial almost made me cry. And the fact that it was back to back to that Google commercial where the older guy was remembering his wife 😦

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  5. That is the cutest thing ever that Sadie Mae needs to hold onto a glove when she walks during the winter. Is it because you guys put them on & she doesn’t want to be left out? Hehe.

    All of the food looks amazing!! What a neat way to make mozzarella sticks & I’ve never heard of a milkshake beer either. Interesting! Are they usually like thick & creamy? The dessert looks out of this world, too, wow!! 🤤

    Your thoughts & your mom’s dialogue was hilarious to read. I only watched Demi & Shakira, who blew my mind, & I stopped watching when JLO came on. 😝 Then I tuned back in to see them celebrate. They looked so happy, I loved it!

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    • Haha I honestly couldn’t tell you how it started but it’s something she’s done since she was a puppy. We just have to make sure she doesn’t drop the glove in the street.

      The consistency isn’t thicker than a regular beer but it tastes a little thicker? They have lactose in them but they don’t taste milky at all. I like that a lot of them are more fruity, which are the kinds of beer I like.

      Demi was really good. I like the halftime show, but it definitely felt like there was way more dancing than singing.

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