Where’s the Festive?

We’re almost halfway through December and I’m not feeling super festive? I mean, honestly, I didn’t even think we’d make it to December because it feels like March 276th. And now that we’re here, I think I assumed we’d all be in the festive spirit for some sort of hope this year. I’m just not feeling it for some reason.

We did put up our outside Christmas lights in the middle of November, and we got our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. I put up my little 2 foot tree in my bedroom, but I am disappointed I won’t be able to decorate my work office since we’re all still working from home. I’ve been listening to Christmas music and I’ve watched a few holiday movies—Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and the Santa Clause movies. Am I just missing the festive?

I think in a normal year my festiveness comes from work. We have a division-wide holiday party, and two years ago, a handful of us went out for drinks before our winter break. So working from home has put a damper on all of that. Plus my parents and I normally meet family friends for dinner around this time of year; they live out in the Midwest and come back to New England for Christmas and we always meet up with them.

My parents and I will be staying home for Christmas this year and not seeing any extended family because of the pandemic. I’m fine with staying home and just hanging out. Maybe once we get closer to Christmas I’ll start to feel more of the Christmas spirit. But right now I’m sort of feeling like the Grinch.

Are you feeling festive around the holidays or are you like me and trying to find it?


  1. Im not feeling too festive either but I think its just the year we have had. I’ve decided not to go home for the holidays and will just hang out in Toronto not having many plans. So its not a big celebration this year for me.

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  2. I think I am getting it little by little. I didn’t have work parties since I work for myself from home so I’m not missing those and, introvert, I really don’t miss parties in general, but I do miss the holiday dinners we had with just a few friends. We have our tree and our outside lights up and while walking the neighborhood with the dog, I am enjoying seeing what other people are doing with their houses. I think if I watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, I’ll be set – LOL

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    • I have been really enjoying seeing people’s lawn decorations; I passed one house on my run yesterday that had almost 25 things on the lawn! That’s the kind of Christmas spirit I’m here for.

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  3. I feel exactly like you. I’m not feeling festive after this year, nevermind the pandemic. Hopefully, it blows over.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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  4. I agree. I’m not feeling the festive either. We have some of our outside lights up and we got our tree. We fiiiiinally put lights on it a couple days ago, but still no ornaments. I’ve wrapped some gifts and decorated a bit inside, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m kind of just ready for the new year to start… maybe next year will be better.

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