One Good Thing: Week of December 27

My One Good Thing for this week is that Christmas was on Friday! Part of me actually enjoys Christmas Eve a bit more than Christmas day itself.

My mom and I started the tradition last year to make a big charcuterie board to have for dinner. We have our “Christmas” ham dinner on the 23rd and then have the leftovers on Christmas day. I paired the board with a Barefoot Sangria wine.

It was just my parents and myself—and the pets, of course—for Christmas. We didn’t see anyone outside of our house for the holidays; we usually go to my grandparents’ house but didn’t go this year out of caution for everyone’s health and safety. I think 90% of all of the gifts we got for each other were ordered online; I didn’t go out to any stores this year to shop.

My favorite gifts I gave was a “Dog Dad” baseball hat to my dad, from the dogs—he wears a hat when he’s out working in the yard, so my mom and I normally get him a new one every year—and a frosted glass lantern with a snowflake on it that came with a flameless candle to my mom. The favorite gift I received was a weighted blanket! It’s 15 pounds, so it’s not incredibly heavy, and it’s really soothing to lay with.

Stella very much enjoyed playing in all of the wrapping paper and boxes on the living room floor!

The weather on Christmas was oddly balmy at 60 degrees and it rained for most of the day, so all I did was hang around. I napped a few times and watched the end of the Christmas movies on Freeform.

What was one good thing that happened in the last week?


  1. I found out there’s a Papa John’s opening near my house which is what I’ve been yelling at the clouds for, for the last 10 years. I’m so excited for it haha

    Probably not what you were expecting but there it is.

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