So I Started Drinking Coffee…

This is truly a sign that quarantine makes you do crazy things. At age 26, I have started drinking coffee.

I never got on board with coffee in the past because I didn’t like the taste of it. I started drinking tea in college so I’d get caffeine that way, but I was always so against coffee. Jump to about a month ago. My mom went to Dunkin’ to get herself an iced coffee and they messed up her order, so she came home with her coffee and the mistake. Just for hahas, I tried the mistake and ended up liking it.

*cue shocked face* 😲

It was a caramel swirl iced coffee, so it was on the sweet side and I didn’t taste too much of the coffee. I have pretty much shocked everyone in my life when I told them I started drinking coffee because that’s so out of character for me. To date, I’ve had five iced coffees and I think I’m hooked.

ALSO it came at the perfect time because Dunkin’ has pumpkin swirl now! I have so many pumpkin coffees to make up for. I don’t know if I’ll switch to hot coffee in the winter time; I just might be that cliche New Englander who drinks iced coffee year round.

Coffee drinking friends: what is your go-to order? Is there anything I should know about being a coffee drinker?


  1. YAY COFFEE!! I didn’t drink coffee until I was 23 and now its an every morning thing lol But I have spent the last 3.5 months going from a glug of cream to now black coffee!! Started with black on Monday! So I’m there now and I’m pretty excited about it lol however I do love a good iced vanilla latte from Starbucks, or a white mocha, or an iced white mocha LOL Tim Hortons used to be my fav coffee but they’ve changed the taste. Super rude of them!

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  2. I get a basic iced coffee from MCDs because they charge extra for flavors. No pumpkin spice, caramel or vanilla. Every summer, MCDs has Summer Drink Days so I usually end up buying iced coffee a few times a week during the promotion. I used to get mine with sugar until one day they forgot to mix it. It was like drinking straight-up high fructose corn syrup. Yuck.

    So boring, unsweetened iced coffee it is! Cheers! ☕️💕

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  3. I drink coffee every morning, sometimes a whole pot by myself. I use just a little half and half in it, no sugar, but I don’t like really strong coffee so it is a mild blend. My daughter worked at Starbucks while she was in high school and college so I have tasted many of their flavors. I love vanilla and the pumpkin spice lattes are delicious. Wait until you try hot coffee with a cookie or a donut dunked in it! YUM!

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    • I feel like me starting to drink coffee came at the perfect time because I love pumpkin flavored anything and I’m already obsessed with pumpkin iced coffees. I’ll try hot coffee once it gets colder out, I’ll have to try it with a donut!

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  4. I didn’t start drinking coffee until a couple years ago and now it’s my life lol, my only advice is to try to limit yourself now! I’m up to one cup a day for the most part but I try to skip at least one day a week. I get an iced macchiato with almond milk from dunkin, but I don’t like sweet so not sure it would be your thing!

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