Steve Kornacki is a National Treasure

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I’ve been an avid watcher of MSNBC since 2016, and in the past year or so, I’ll just have it on in the background during the day. Does that make me an old person who has cable news on all day? Since I watch hours upon hours, I have gotten to know the anchors, reporters, and guests, and I do have my favorites, but the absolute best person on the network is Steve Kornacki, aka the master of the Big Board.

I’ve been obsessed with Steve since 2018, and my tweets can prove that:

And it got even better when MSNBC added the Kornacki Cam, which shows Steve at the Big Board during commercials. It’s kind of like watching a live stream of animals at a zoo, but instead of just walking around and grazing, Steve is scribbling things on papers and doing math on his phone. Back in 2018, Steve had broken his hand in a bicycle accident but still showed up to give us all of the results of the Pennsylvania’s Congressional special election in April, and then he was there again the fall to do the midterm results.

So at the beginning of last week—right around the time the feeling of wanting to throw up started and didn’t end until Saturday—I was glued to MSNBC and knew Steve would be making his appearance. And he definitely made an appearance, and we’re not sure if he even left the building until the weekend. The man is dedicated to his job.

And boy he didn’t dissappoint.

Steve Kornacki is a national treasure, and we must protect him at all costs.

I was happy to see how obsessed people on Twitter became obsessed with Steve, so I wasn’t the only one. Leslie Jones and Chrissy Teigen tweeted about Steve and how much they love him/couldn’t understand how he was still going day after day. Even Vogue wrote an article about how Steve became Twitter’s new boyfriend.

I mean, I was exhausted just watching TV sprawled out on my couch; I still don’t know how Steve did math for five days. However, there were a few times they probably forced Steve to go take a nap and get a snack, and Ali Velshi took over at the Big Board. He did pretty well, but he’s no Steve.

“We have removed him forcibly from the building,” Velshi told MSNBC anchor Ari Melber. “He’s in a room with pillow, blankets and warm milk.” Melber joked that Velshi would be “doing his best Kornacki.

The Washington Post

Now that the election is over, I think Steve goes back into preservation until the 2022 midterms. Somebody get the guy a king-sized comfy bed, some puppies to pet, and tons of snacks.

I’ve heard that there’s another Big Board over at CNN and some guy named John King is CNN’s Kornacki? Well, does John King have a Twitter hashtag like Steve does? #TrackingKornacki Or does he sport rolled-up sleeves and khakis and run solely on Diet Coke and adrenaline? I think not.

I gratefully thank Steve for his service last week, and he deserves everything that is good in this world. But just for the rest of the month or so, someone should do wellness checks on him just to make sure he’s recovering okay.


  1. Kornacki’s path is so interesting. He replaced Chris Hayes on the weekends when Hayes got his own show weeknights, but then lost that gig, and it seemed like he was drifting for a while. Then he found this niche as the big board guy, which fits him perfectly because he’s such a political dork, and now he’s a cult hero.

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