Normal Things I’ve Been Doing

When everything shut down in the state in March, I barely left my house, mostly out of fear. I’ll be honest: I was so nervous and anxious about going out in public when COVID first hit. I didn’t leave the house until the beginning of May for my first outing into the world. My mom took me to Walgreens when she had to pick up a few things.

I’m getting better about leaving the house and going out places. It’s not as scary as I once thought it was and doing “normal” things makes me feel a little more at ease, but still remembering we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Some normal things I’ve done:

  • Gone to the library multiple times
  • Got an oil change for my SUV
  • Got a hair cut (for the first time in five months)
  • Went to the grocery store
  • Got a coffee at Dunkin’ (YES I drink coffee now!!!!)
  • Got ice cream a handful of times
  • Went blueberry picking
  • Went to the package store

My state has been in a mask mandate since the end of March/beginning of April, so it’s kind of second nature now to wear one when I leave the house. My mom made a bunch of fabric ones for herself, my dad, and myself, and all of mine are reversible, so I have options to match my outfits. I like that I feel more comfortable going out now and that I’m not missing out on things I enjoy doing, like going to the library.

What are some normal things you’ve done during the pandemic?


  1. Ooooo mandatory masks for so long! I love it!

    I haven’t done a lot of normal things but I did get some body hair waxed and went to the chiropractor in the last two weeks!! Got to hang out with friends at a park, And got to see my parents haha and will again during the last weekend of August!

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    • Fresh blueberries taste so much better! I’ve been getting from Dunkin an iced coffee with 4 caramel swirl, 3 Splenda, and 4 cream. The only reason why I ended up starting to drink coffee was like 3 weeks ago my mom went to Dunkin and they messed up her order and the mistake was the caramel swirl. I decided to try it and see if I liked it and I surprisingly do. I’m excited for all of the pumpkin coffees in my future haha


  2. We’ve gone out to eat a few times, always outside and completely social distanced. It feels too normal when there’s still such an outbreak going on outside of our state! But I figure we can take advantage of it while we can and help stimulate the economy

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    • I feel like there’s a balance you have to find of going out and trying to do normal things but also remembering why we’re in this in the first place. I definitely agree about supporting the economy, especially local places!

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  3. […] My family and I are staying safe and doing what we can. My mom has made us all a bunch of masks, and we limit our trips out of the house. Back in the spring, I didn’t leave my house for like a month, and over the summer, I began to leave the house more; now I don’t get freaked out when I go to the library or Dunkin’ or into a grocery store or other normal things. […]


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