Turning 26

I turned 26 yesterday, and I still feel 25. I’ll probably tell people I’m 25 when they ask how old I am. 26 is one more year closer to 30. 25 was nice; it was right in the middle, and I wasn’t a college student anymore, and I wasn’t quite an adult yet. (Like I have four years of work experience? That doesn’t seem right.)

I’m not gonna lie, though, quarantine birthdays are pretty boring. When all of this started back in March, I thought maybe we’d be in the clear by Memorial Day, but I was wrong. So I became a quarantine birthday statistic. I mean, if we weren’t in this situation, I’d be no means having a big birthday party, but I’d at least like to be able to go to a brewery. That’s all I’d want. Instead I stayed home, watched some episodes of Home Town in the morning, and in the afternoon, sat outside and read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—which I finished 😦

I share my birthday with my mom. It was completely unplanned on all of our parts; I was supposed to be born a week earlier on May 18, but I decided to wait it out until the 25th. Luckily I had already bought her gift in February; it has been sitting in its box from QVC in our basement since then. My parents gave me a QVC gift card and had paid for a few things I’ve gotten in the last month, like beer from a local brewery, my new yoga mat, and something else…it was just easier that way because none of us were really going to go out and get gifts. We got a cake from the ice cream shop, which is the main photo for this post. It’s just a regular cake with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but it’s still really good. I let the girls decorate it however they wanted since I’m not currently working there; one of the girls who I’m really close with decorated it and did a great job 🙂

At work we do birthday lunches, and May is a popular month for them. There are four of us with May birthdays: one of my co-workers, my boss, his boss, and then me. It’s fun when about half the office gets to go out and have lunch together. When we did my birthday lunch last year, there were I think 10 of us—including two people from other departments—and almost all of us got fish tacos and it was fun. I’m missing out on fish tacos this year, folks!

I took this week off, which I had actually planned to do months ago, but figured I still should take the vacation days. I will be hanging around, floating in our pool, and reading; oh, and running and yoga, too.

Since I can’t offer you any words of wisdom or 26 things I’ve learned by 26 without getting into all of the cliches, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite posts I wrote while 25:


  1. 1. Happy birthday!

    2. As a fellow quarantine birthday boy (coming up), I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes.

    3. I share your sadness at not being able to go to a Yard Goats game this year. It’s a crime that I’ve only been once.

    4. I feel pride at inspiring two of your favorite posts this last year! 🙂

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      • Yup, only once. We go to my in-laws in West Hartford every month or so, depending on if Suzi and her mother have a play at the Bushnell, but we’ve only ever been able to get one game in on those trips. But I love that ballpark.

        Yup … you wrote about working during the summer because I mentioned it (and I might have tagged you), and the 30 Questions blog came after I tagged you. 🙂

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  2. Happy belated birthday to you and your mom! I am part of the quarantine birthday statistics too, and like you it would have been low key. But it sounds like you had a good time! And your week of vacation sounds lovely! Enjoy your time away from “work”!

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  3. Ps: congrats in finishing HP! Thoughts? I’m in the middle of the half blood prince which is my favourite book and movie. Reading has taken a back seat lately to a few other things haha

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  4. Happy Birthday’week! Well, this won’t make things better … but I have no idea what I did or how I celebrated my 26th birthday (which was some time ago). Out to a concert? Maybe. Office lunch? Probably. It was so routine that I have no memory of it. But, for you … boring or not, there’s a silver lining — you’ll have a surreal, unforgettable pandemic birthday story you will be able to tell forever. 🙂

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