Decking the Halls

I’m a firm believer in that it’s never too early to decorate for the holidays. We were playing Christmas music in the house on November 1, and when I went to campus the other week, I brought home all of my decorations that I normally would hang up in my office. (It makes me really sad that I can’t have a festive office this year.)

I set up my little two foot tree over the weekend in my bedroom. I’ve had the tree since 2013; we’d use it at college in our living room and set it up during November into December. When I was at my old job, I’d bring it in and put it in my cubicle, and the last two years it’s been in my office.

We normally get our Christmas tree the first weekend in December but we went this past weekend since the weather was going to be nicer. We went to the family-owned Christmas tree farm we’ve gone to the last couple of years.

All of the trees were short and fat this year, so it took us a little while to find one that wasn’t too big.

I ended up finding this one and we ultimately chose it as the winner to bring home. It’s a small tree, as you can see; I’m 5’2″ so if you use me to scale the tree, it’s little, which we’re cool with since we put the tree in the corner of my dining room and still need to be able to walk around it.

There’s a cute barn on the property that usually has locally made gifts and wreathes. It’s also so festive inside. They also have baby cows! Which is really the only reason why I go. There were two but I only got a picture of one of them. One was named Charlotte and the other was named Harmony and they were just babies; I think Charlotte was only two months old and Harmony was about four months old.

Here’s our tree all decorated! I set up our TV in the living room to play Christmas music from Spotify and I spent Sunday afternoon decorating. There’s really no theme to our tree; it’s a combination of colorful ornaments and ones that are important to us. My mom and I decided to do something different and use a big bow at the top instead of a star, and I really like how it came out.

Have you started decorating for the holidays? What are some of your holiday decorating traditions?


  1. I decorated my class on Nov 16th. Put up a big snowman swinging on a string of lights on my classroom door, and set up my tree in my classroom. I usually don’t decorate at home since its just me and I am at my parents’ for the actual holiday so I don’t really need to decorate at my place lol

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