I Was Supposed to be at Fenway Park Today

The title says it all. At 1:05 p.m. this afternoon, I was supposed to be in the infield grandstands on the first base side with an overpriced beer and Fenway Frank in hand. Instead I was sitting on my couch watching KBO on ESPN2.

I don’t go on vacations, so my summer plans are normally baseball games. I lucked out last year getting to go to Fenway in May and I went to two Hartford Yard Goats games, too. We bought tickets for today’s Red Sox/Royals game back in February, the first day tickets opened for everyone. (The “we” I’m talking about is me and three of my co-workers.) We looked for an afternoon game so we could take the day off from work and not be out too late; a 7:05 p.m. game was sort of out of the question. Today’s game was a good choice because it would have been two weeks after Commencement weekend and things would be fairly quiet at work.

We were slightly optimistic when MLB said Opening Day would be the end of May, but we just had our heads in the clouds because I highly doubt a season will actually happen this year. (We can briefly talk about this below.) I didn’t buy the tickets but they were ultimately refunded because we didn’t want to try and pick a game later on in the season, which was an option.

If we were going to the game, I think we were going to try to go to the Trilluim beer garden in the city before heading over to Fenway. I’d obviously have to get a Fenway Frank and some form of Sam Adams, and then a pretzel and probably another beer later on. It’s a little muggy outside, but at least there would be no rain. And just all of the fun I’m missing out on. It kinda sucks.

In regards to a possible 2020 season, there just seem to be too many moving parts, and if MLB and the MLBPA are still going back and forth about salaries, by the time they get remotely close to agreeing on something, it’ll be winter. The players, along with coaches, medical staff, clubhouse folks, and other personnel are the ones taking the risk. I can totally get behind banning spitting going forward, but there are a lot of logistics to figure out, from where they’ll play to how the divisions will look, the amount of testing they’ll have to do, and what happens if someone tests positive? Here’s a good article from Jeff Passan that details the plan MLB put out the other week. I’m not involved in any decision making, but I would be okay with no baseball season this year. (I also feel so bad for all of the minor leaguers and might have to drag out my “Pay the minor leaguers!” soap box from storage…)

But anyway, I’m just really sad that I didn’t get to go to Fenway today and will just have to make up for it in the future with tons of games and eating my weight in ballpark concessions.


  1. I agree, I think, about no baseball this year. I had to laugh about the spitting and I don’t know if Madison Bumgarner would be able to pitch without his snot rockets – LOL. We got our money back for tickets that we had for an April game. There are a lot of things to consider and since usually it takes so long for the owners and players to agree on anything, I don’t see how they’ll manage it.

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    • I knew spitting and all of the gross things were things but now that people are pointing them out, I’m like, that’s actually really disgusting. It is going to come down to what or if the owners and players can agree on anything. I doubt the entire league would collapse if they didn’t play a season, but then the players don’t actually get to do their jobs, although their jobs are playing a game. And I feel bad for the minor leaguers, too, who are getting let go. It sucks all around.

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