Four Things I’ve Been Doing

I don’t want this post to be one of those “These are all of the things I’m doing in quarantine!!!” posts but it’s going to give off that vibe. My state has been in a “stay home” order for a while now, and I’ve been working from home for a month. (And yes, that also means I haven’t put on jeans or actual clothes in a month. Legging and t-shirts for dayssss.) I never really went out much to begin with, so this isn’t a huge lifestyle change, but ya girl misses going to the library and Target.

But I at least wanted to share what I’ve been up to since I don’t have many fun things to write about 😦


Prior to leaving campus, I took three books out of the campus library, and I already had three books out from the town library. I went through all of those pretty quickly. Luckily, I still had the Harry Potter series to read. I read the first one back in January and started the second one in February but put it on hold to read other books. Now that I can’t go to the library, I might as well get back into HP. I finished the second book last weekend and read the third book in five days. I’m about a hundred pages into the fourth one now.

I find myself staying up late at night to read more because it’s an easy world to get sucked into. It’s a good distraction for myself, and I’m excited that the fifth, sixth, and seventh books are long. I would assume I’ll be reading them for at least the next month.

TV & Netflix

Kinda cliche but I’ve been watching a lot of TV and Netflix. I have my normal TV shows I watch, plus I’m super excited that USA Network has been showing two seasons back to back of Psych every weekβ€”one of the five shows to best get to know me. Plus a bunch of The Zoo and The Aquarium.

On Netflix, I’ve watched How to Fix a Drug Scandal, season 3 of Ozark, Long Shot, and Screwball. I’ve been told by co-workers to watch Tiger King. I watched Zombieland Double Tap via Netflix DVDs and I have Joker to watch next. I always have The West Wing to fall back on, but I am in between shows, so I’ll take recs!


The other week my mom started a puzzle, and I’m convinced it was the world’s hardest puzzle. It was 1,000 pieces with a theme of everything from the 1990s. There were so many faces and people and things, and it took us about a week to get it done. We haven’t done one since, but I’m thinking we probably should. We have a dog one, one with book covers, and a Red Sox one.


Running is the only time I leave the house. I’m grateful that it’s spring so at least I can go running more and it’s not freezing. (Except for today and it snowed here???) I’m still running three times a week: normally two runs at 6 miles and one run at a 5K distance. I ran two 5K distances in the last two weeks and I ran the entire thing; I didn’t have to stop and walk at all. I feel pretty good about that. I’m not worried about time for my longer distances but they normally average around an hour and ten minutes for 6 miles.

I also started doing at home workouts? Which isn’t on brand for me at all. I found some leg and ab workouts from Fleet Feet and also a few on Instagram that I wrote down. I did my first one last Saturday after riding our stationary bike for an hour, and my whole body was sore for like four days.

I did the same one again after taking our dogs for a walk, and I wasn’t as sore. I’m going to do a new ab one today and run tomorrow. I ordered a yoga mat from Amazon well over a week ago, and at this rate, it’s coming the end of the month.

Realistically, minus the puzzles, I’m not really doing anything new. I guess I’m just doing more of it? I know that I’m doing my part by staying home, and I’m thankful for everyone who is on the front lines and going to their job every day.

What have you been up to?


  1. Ooo I’m reading HP4 right now too!!! Just finished chapter 25 so in my book I’m on page 404!! Yay!

    I’m walking a lot – twice daily.

    But I have to work a lot! Putting together online lessons is so much work for grade two lol so basically I have just about the exact same free time as I did before, I just sleep in an extra hour every day since I don’t have to commute to work and set up and photocopy and stuff lol

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    • That’s too funny that you’re reading it too!

      I went for a walk last night and it was great to just get out of the house and not actually be running.

      An extra hour of sleep is great! I get it too since I don’t have my commute. When does the school year end for you?


  2. Great puzzle! I started the Harry Potter series years ago and my daughter is a huge fan(atic) but I’ve never finished them and now I’d need to start over from the beginning. Stay safe!

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    • We started the book cover puzzle tonight and I like it more already than the other one haha.

      I’m surprised it took me until now to read Harry Potter but the books are a great distraction right now. If you have the time I’d recommend reading them!

      Liked by 1 person

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