My Year in Review: 2019


The start of the year kind of got off to a rocky start, but it got better. And it’s just cold in January, and I definitely don’t leave the house. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen during the beginning of the year haha.


I watched the Super Bowl (and provided a drinking game prior) and enjoyed tons of yummy snacks curiosity of my mom. I, of course, had thoughts and questions after the game.

This was also the month when I decided to sit out of the 10K race in March that I had signed up for. I wasn’t prepared, and the race was on the same day as my dad’s 60th birthday. I did still get the t-shirt though, and it’s really soft. (I am yet again signed up for the race but I will be 100% participating in it, baring any sickness or injury.)


I went ice skating! And only fell twice.

I also ran my first 5K race of the year! My time was 33:53, which was better than my two race times from the previous year. Plus we got breakfast after, and it was really good.


This month was full of fun events at work, like a kite festival and food trucks as part of the pre-event for the spring concert.

I got a grilled cheese with bacon and dill pickles and an Oreo cannoli. Both were SO good. There was also a baked potato truck, Korean truck, Irish pub food truck, and a sandwich truck, which I got a smoothie from later, because we went back a second time.

AND therapy dogs came to campus. They come twice a semester, and I always go to take pictures.



During Senior Week for the students on campus, one of their trips was to a Sox game. They had to purchase a certain amount, so they opened them up to faculty and staff. The seats were in the bleachers but I didn’t care because I haven’t been to Fenway in two years. Two people from my office and myself decided to go.

It was the game against the Rockies when Chris Sale struck out 17 batters and cut up no jerseys prior to the game. J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers, and Michael Chavis all hit home runs. The game went into extras, and the Sox ended up losing 😦 It was also 46 degrees that night!?!?! I had to wear a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, my winter jacket, jeans, my high-top Converse, and a winter hat. IN MAY, FOLKS.

I survived working my first commencement weekend at work, and I also celebrated my 25th birthday!


I ran my second 5K of the year; my time was 33:48, which was still okay but I had to walk a little bit more than I would have liked. BUT I got a totally awesome bagel after.

That same day, my mom and I went to a used book sale at our town’s library. I got these five books, and I’m looking forward to going to next year’s sale.

I went to my first Hartford Yard Goats game of the season with three of the girls from the ice cream shop. It was a lot of fun, and, of course, I avoided the team’s two mascots.

I headed back to my old stomping grounds with the local summer collegiate baseball team for a game. The last time I went to a game there (once I wasn’t an intern) I got hit with a foul ball, but that didn’t happen when I went over the summer. The games are really affordable, and it’s no Cape Cod league, but it’s a good excuse to get out of the house and watch some baseball.

I ran a one mile race at a brewery in my town, and it was actually a lot of fun. I was shooting for a mile time at like 9:30 or so but ended up running it in 8:42!!! AND we got beer after.


This month included reading seven books by my pool. July was wicked hot, so my running was cut down a little bit. At work, we had the summer orientations for the incoming freshmen, so it was a lot of running around during those days.

I did get to play with some kitties, though. My mom’s friend fosters kittens—that’s how we got my cat, Stella—and we went over to play with the new litter. It helps them socialize and get used to people. And kitties are just so fun to play with.

I walked a 5K race because it was 100 degrees and that weekend there was a heat advisory basically saying don’t go out if you don’t have to. Well, we had to go to Newport since we already paid for it.


I answered the question on everyone’s mind: do people who work at colleges work during the summer? The answer is yes. I also went to another Yard Goats game with my parents and one of my dad’s friends.

I started my streak of running three 5K races in a row during the last Friday of the month. It was a ton of fun, and, of course, we got food and beer after.


I ran my second and third 5Ks of my three in a row, and boy was I glad I didn’t have to run every weekend. During the third one, I PR’d my 5K race time (31:03) that I hope to beat next year.

Part of the swag bag with the 5K I ran at The Big E came with a comp ticket to The Big E, so some of us from work went on a Friday afternoon, and it was a lot of fun.


After working eight hours at Homecoming the first Saturday of October, the next day I ran a 5K race, and I ran all of it.

I also celebrated my one year anniversary at work and got new running sneakers.


This was kind of a low-key month for me. I took some time off from work, which I never do. And it felt nice. I participated in again Festival of Trees, and although it was stressful leading up to it, set up went smoothly.

A few of us from work traveled out to Tree House Brewing and waited two hours in line for beer. At least there were dogs?


I ran my final 5K of the year after we got like 18 inches of snow in two days. It was cold but it was awesome to run through the park and see all of the lights.

We got our Christmas tree a little early this year, and I of course decorated my office. It helps that I keep my white lights up year round haha.

So that’s my 2019 in one post. I did a lot of stuff, and I’m happy with how I’m ending the year. I’m already looking forward to the things I’ll get to do next year 🙂

I took a quick look at my blog stats for 2019: 106 total posts, 67,538 total words, 11,186 views, and this was my most popular post. Not too bad.

My 2020 Resolutions post will be out early next week with my last tea chat on the 31st!

What was one of the best things that happened to you this year? What’s one place you went that you really enjoyed? How did your year start vs. how it ended?


    • 2019 ended up being a really good year for me! All of the races were fun and I’m looking forward to doing them again next year.

      The therapy dogs come twice a semester so I ended up seeing them four times this year. They’re just so cute and I love going to see them on campus. And yes the kitties were so adorable 😍

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