Post-Super Bowl LIII Thoughts + Questions

Pro: Ya girl didn’t get heartburn.

Con: The Patriots won.

Prior to watching the Super Bowl, I watched the Chris Paul charity bowling tournament, in which Mookie Betts won. Celebrities pair up with professional bowlers and compete in five frame games, plus a few other skill games. Mookie is literally good at everything. I also watched part of the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel, but one of my dogs kept growling at the television so I had to change the channel. I was able to watch some of the Puppy Bowl without any barking or growling.

Here was our Super Bowl menu: mini meatball sliders, taco dip, mozzarella sticks, wings, popcorn chicken, and homemade rice crispy treats with peanut butter, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and sprinkles. (Recipe here from Girl Meets Farm. THEY ARE SO GOOD.)

Here’s Stella on the bar stool in the kitchen waiting for something to drop.

I jotted down notes as I watched the game in my phone, which can be found below:

*Gladys Knight sings the national anthem* My mom: Where are the pips?

My mom: There’s a guy whose job is to pull the coach back. So like he doesn’t have to worry about running into anyone or cameras. I saw it on TV the other day.

(It’s actually a legit thing. Read more on SB Nation.)



I liked the Weather Tech commercial because of the dogs.

I thought the Bud Light Dilly Dilly guys were old news. Also Bud Light is going to start putting their ingredients on the boxes. So water.

Why is Tony Romo narrating the refs huddled together like they’re conspiring to come up with some call because someone threw a flag?

Tony Romo saying that Edelman has had “a gazillion” catches this post season doesn’t seem very accurate to me.

Totally okay with the Persil commercials because I love Peter Hermann.

The T-Mobile commercials are pretty good.

I liked the Stella commercial with SJP and the SATC music. Also liked the NFL 100 year commercial.

Maroon 5 was rough. I like them. Their old stuff is always reliable. But that performance was bad. I also didn’t know the two other guys who were on there with them, so I guess that means I’m old?

The Michael Buble commercial was good.

*they show Belichick talking into his headset*
My mom: Tom, it’s your father.


I went to bed with ~2:00 left because I didn’t want to watch the Pats celebrate. Call me bitter—I don’t care.

Overall I’d give this entire Super Bowl a 5/10. Not just because the Pats were playing. The game wasn’t all that exciting* and halftime was horrible. Only a few of the commercials were good. Nothing about last night was memorable 🤷🏻‍♀️

*I understand the comparison of this low scoring, defensive driven game to a pitching dual during a baseball game with a 2-1/1-0 outcome. I get that. But for such a big game, I was expecting a lot of offense and excitement. I feel bad for people who normally don’t watch football who tuned in for the game.

If you watched, thoughts on the game? Thoughts on the halftime show? Thoughts on the commercials?


  1. Hahahaha I love you and your mom’s comments about the game! I honestly didn’t watch it but my husband was ranting and raving all night so I know most everything that happened. Also, those rice crispy treats look amazing!

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  2. Totally agreed – I hate the Patriots too, which always adds to my general bitterness, but this game was bad. I watch football nonstop during the season and generally like defensive games, but that’s not what I was looking for here. Sigh.

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  3. I actually didn’t end up watching because I was tired and couldn’t find anyone to watch with (not that I tried super hard), but heard I didn’t really miss much. Sorry it ended up being kind of a letdown! The food you got to have looks amaaaaazing, though. Makes me want a second lunch right about now, ha! Also, it’s so funny that your dog actually growled at the kitten bowl.

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    • I don’t blame you for not ending up watching it haha. We still have leftovers, mostly the taco dip, which I don’t mind. When I watch shows with dogs or cats, if I don’t acknowledge the animals my dogs are normally okay but they were up walking around and looked at the TV and saw the cats. And we don’t like when they just bark for no reason so I had to change the channel 😦 haha

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  4. I shut the game off when the first half ended. I was bored. I found the commercials, for the most part, between unentertaining and nauseating (that one with the chunky milk… ugh). And I had no desire to watch Maroon 5 perform the halftime show. I used to actually like Maroon 5. Somewhere along the way, though, Adam Levine’s voice has become irritating to me. Maybe I’m just sick of every other song on the radio being something Maroon 5ish. Maybe I’m just a cantankerous old man…

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    • Ugh yes the chunky milk one was gross. And the Turbo Tax ones with that robot were wicked creepy. That’ll make you not want to do your taxes haha. I used to like Maroon 5, too, but yeah I agree that they’re a little overplayed now. Their old stuff was better.

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  5. The entire Super Bowl was awful. I’ve been watching Super Bowls since Super Bowl XVI (16). This was easily the worst SB ever! It was bad, lousy, poorly played, boring, and just plain stupid. The commercials were the worst I can remember too. Those companies paid that much money to send out those shitball messages? Ugh. Sorry for the poor language. Halftime? I never really watch the music, well, maybe that’s a lie. I guess I watch it when it’s U2 or something. Overall, the worst SB ever, or at least since 1981 when I started watching.

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    • PLUS, there was only one play in the redzone the entire game. How is that even possible? I want to see more stats on that from Elias Sports Bureau. I watched literally hundreds of games this season and this was the worst one. If it was a regular season game I would have turned it off. Instead I felt compelled to watch whether I wanted to or not. Garbage. Trash. Poop on a stick. ????? I’m weird, so sue me. Or gimme a 52-17 thrashing. At least there’s some action. 13-3 was kinda like a preseason game. Nobody cared to win so nobody did. It was just……… blah.

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      • Yeah overall I was disappointed by everything. Even if I were a Pats fan, I’d at least want a more interesting game. The commercials were eh, and I didn’t like the halftime show. For a game that always has so much hype, I’d expect more action.

        The first touchdown of the game was scored with seven minutes left in the entire game. If you like defensive games, then this was for you. But I’d rather see a good offensive, back and forth game. I agree, it was just blah.

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