One Year Down

Yesterday was my one year anniversary at my job! It went by so fast, and I mean, it honestly feels like I never left the university. I’m so much happier at this job, and it’s nice to look forward to going into work every day.

This job seemed to be a long time in the works since it took me 51 weeks to find a new job. While I was at my old job, I applied for 50 jobs and had interviews with seven or eight—either phone interviews, video interviews, or in-person interviews. It wasn’t until the last job I applied for in September last year that I’d find the right match.

The process all happened fairly quickly; I applied for the job in the middle of the month, and the time between my application, interview, and the “call” was two weeks, one week short of when I had started looking at jobs the year before. Job searching SUCKS, and at times, I was questioning if I was actually good enough because I felt like I was qualified for these jobs but nothing was working out.

But I think some higher power knew this open position was coming along and made me wait it out so I’d end up back at a place I consider a second home. My experience at my previous job has definitely proved beneficial, so I’m grateful for that, but I feel much more comfortable in this job and I feel like I have a lot more support from the department.

To celebrate my “work-aversary”, my boss and I sat down and talked about my past year, what I like about the department, what I’m most proud of accomplishing, what I like about the job, if there’s anything I don’t like, what I want to do in my position going forward, etc. We ended up talking for close to three hours, but of course we got sidetracked, too. Then we went to lunch at the panini place across the street from the university. (Also since today is National Boss’s Day, I got him an early gift—a name plate for his desk that says “World’s Okayest Boss.”)

I feel good going into year two. I really like my co-workers, and some of them I consider good friends. I look forward to going to work every day. I’m excited about upcoming projects and the cool things I can create. I love being on campus and getting to work with students.

It’s funny to look back on this post from last year because I feel like so much has changed in my life, although not much really has. It just finally feels like the pieces fell into place and I’m where I’m supposed to be. Your job becomes a significant part of your life, and it’s important to be happy with what you’re doing. And I’m definitely happy.


  1. I currently have 2 name plates on my desk at work: I’m kind of a big deal and everyday I’m hustlin’. I love my sassy name plates. 🙂 We too had annual evals recently and since I work at a state agency we are given ratings: below average, average, etc. I received an extraordinary rating; the highest there is. So I guess I like my job… at least this year. 😉

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  2. Wow! I remember when you first started. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! That’s truly amazing how much you love your job & your boss is amazing for going over the year & your position with you. Happy work-aversary!

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