Look Back on the Decade

Last month, I saw someone tweet and ask what things you accomplished over the decade. I felt like I had more to say than just 280 characters, so this is how this post was born.

I tried my best to remember the important things that happened over the last nine years, and thankfully (?) I don’t have quick access to any pictures of me from the early years of the decade.


End of sophomore year of high school into beginning of junior year

  • Sophomore year was good; the fall of junior year was a little rough because of honors American Literature and Pre-calculus.
  • I turned 16!
  • I failed my permit test the first time but succeed on the second try, and I got my license that fall.
  • I started working at the ice cream shop on my last day of school sophomore year.


End of junior year of high school into beginning of senior year

  • I was the manager of the school’s varsity baseball team, something that put me out of my comfort zone but would be one of the best things I ever did. The team won its conference for the first time in school history, and I loved those boys.
  • I survived Pre-calc with a C+. Thankfully I didn’t take too hard of classes my senior year.


End of senior year of high school into beginning of freshman year of college

  • Managed the baseball team again and still absolutely loved the boys. I got to be part of senior night, which was pretty cool.
  • I graduated high school!
  • I started college in the fall, and I was commuting. I did well in my classes but didn’t have the right friend group.


End of freshman year of college into sophomore year

  • Still didn’t have the best group of friends but decided I wanted to live on campus in the fall.
  • I went to a PawSox game and traveled to New Hampshire over the summer.
  • We got our dog, Maggie!
  • Living on campus was a big adjustment and I almost thought about commuting the next semester.


End of sophomore year of college into junior year

  • I stayed living on campus and applied to be part of my class’s council, to be on the e-board for our spring concert, and to be part of an honor society’s leadership team. I got all three and getting involved turned my college experience around.
  • I met a guy who would end up being my first boyfriend; we started dating in April of that year. I also was starting to get new friends, who were awesome.
  • During the summer, I interned with a local collegiate baseball team and went to another PawSox game and a Red Sox game. I also spent a lot of time traveling down to the southern part of the state to see my boyfriend.
  • In the fall, I lived with three other girls who were great, and along with my boyfriend and new friends, it felt like everything was falling into place.


End of junior year of college into beginning of senior year

  • The good vibes from 2014 carried over into 2015.
  • I turned 21!
  • I went to another Red Sox game and also went to a Yankees game.
  • During the summer, I interned with a local marketing agency and enjoyed it.
  • Two weeks before senior year, my boyfriend broke up with me via text, and I was miserable. It was especially fun when I had to go back to school and have people ask me about him.
  • I started running on the track on campus, although I thought running a mile was a lot.


End of senior year of college

  • I survived my senior year and had fun while doing so.
  • I graduated in May!
  • I started my first real job two weeks after graduation at the marketing agency where I interned the year before.
  • During the summer, I went to New Hampshire, New jersey, and to the beach.
  • I spent most of the fall trying to figure out the whole post-grad thing, and I felt a little lost.
  • I went on a date, and thankfully it didn’t work out. He also ghosted me.
  • I started my master’s degree in the end of September.
  • I also went to The Big E for the first time since middle school.


Full year of my master’s degree

  • My first full year out as an adult. I was juggling working full time, working on the weekends at the ice cream shop, and taking online classes.
  • I went on two dates, and neither worked out. But I was okay with that.
  • I had a few cool experiences through work: one of my clients was a calamari distributor, I got to be part of a marketing campaign for another, and I got to take pictures at an airshow.
  • During the summer, I went to a Red Sox game and a Hartford Yard Goats game. I went to The Big E again.
  • We got our cat, Stella!
  • I started looking for a new job in the fall.
  • I finished up my master’s degree in December.


  • The job search still continued, unfortunately. It was rough, and I applied for just about 50 jobs from fall 2017 to fall 2018.
  • In May, I walked at graduation to get my master’s degree.
  • I also decided that I was going to start running again and did two 5K races.
  • I went to two Yard Goats games.
  • I went on a date, and although it had seemed promising, he also ghosted me.
  • I got a new job at the university where I got both of my degrees, and I started in October.


  • My first full year at my current job and ninth year at the ice cream shop.
  • I went ice skating for the first time since I was a kid.
  • I went to a Red Sox game, two Yard Goats games, and a Valley Blue Sox game.
  • I survived working my first commencement weekend.
  • I ran 9 races: 8 5Ks and 1 one mile race.
  • I turned 25!
  • I read 60+ books.
  • I finally feel like I kinda know what I’m doing.

What are some highlights for you of the past decade?


    • High school was a little fuzzy, so that’s why there aren’t too many bullet points, but with college/post-college, I looked through my Instagram and back at some of my blog posts, so it wasn’t too bad to remember haha


  1. I’m surprised you can remember all that stuff… I can barely remember what I did last week! I like retrospectives though. It’s fun to look back on stuff that has happened and see how much we’ve grown.

    Some highlights for me… I finished college and university, I started running in 2012/2013 (on the treadmill first and then outside). I met my husband online in 2013, then in person in 2015. I moved the the UK. Landed my first job as a translator and then started my own business. I got married! And I’m just about to turn 29… I feel old! 😂

    I hope you have lovely holidays! 🎄

    Liked by 1 person

    • For more of the college/post-college years I relied on my Instagram and old blog posts so it was just more so tracking those down haha.

      Those are awesome highlights! How do you like living in the UK? And you’re not old, you done a lot of stuff this decade!

      Awh, I hope you do too! I hope you have fun but also have some time to relax, plus have tons of yummy food ❣️🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s one of the plus sides of blogs and social media – it’s like a diary!

        I have to admit, I’m not a fan of living in the UK these days… With the whole Brexit thing going on, I don’t feel very welcome here. I’m hoping it’s temporary and that things will settle eventually!

        It’s only m,y husband and I so no big celebrations. We’ll enjoy some hygge time together and get plenty of fresh air in one of the nearby national park.

        Besy wishes for the new decade!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooo I saw this in my email a while ago but it was deleted – I’m so glad it actually got posted!! It’s inspired me to do the same kind of post on my own blog ☺️

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