Decking the Halls

I wanted to decorate my office for Christmas on November 1 but held back. We had snow on December 2 and 3, so I didn’t get into my office to decorate until December 4; I was a little upset I lost a few days of being festive. I keep my white Christmas lights up year round, so that was one less thing I had to put up.

I used all of the decorations I did last year but moved the tree from another bookcase in my office to this one because when my door is open, you can see it when you’re coming down the hallway.

We got our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which was a little early for us. We normally go the first weekend in December, but with the aforementioned snow coming early in the first week, we didn’t want to have to walk through snow to get our tree.

We go to a cute, little family farm in the next town over. We’ve gone there the last few years, and it was pretty packed on the Saturday we went, even though it had just opened in the morning.

A lot of the trees were short and fat, not what we were looking for. We needed one of the short side but nothing that was too fat. We put the tree in our dining room and need to be able to walk around it.

I think it took us like 20 minutes to find a tree we—me, my mom, and my dad—agreed on. It was pretty easy for my dad to cut down, and he and I carried it down the hill. While one of the guys at the farm was netting the tree, my mom and I checked out the barn that’s there.

The family makes their own wreaths and Christmas decorations, and they had two cows there that I was excited about, along with a little boy.

There was also complimentary hot chocolate and popcorn. It’s such a cute barn and it really gets you into the Christmas spirit. 

Once we got the tree home, my dad trimmed up the stump and the bottom branches before we brought it into the house.

My dad always strings the lights on the tree and then I decorate with ornaments. There’s never a theme, it’s just really colorful if anything.

Sadie Mae modeling in front of the tree.

I put the “softer” ornaments toward the bottom of the tree so nothing will break in case the dogs back into the tree or wag their tails into the branches. Oh, and because of our cat, Stella. Rumor has it the other night she got one off the tree and was batting it around on the floor…

When did you get your Christmas tree yet? How do you decorate it and how do you decorate for the holidays?


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