Resolutions for 2020

My resolutions for 2020 are looking to be more like goals that I know I’ll obtain. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of resolutions, but I’d like to look at them as goals based on what I was able to accomplish this year.

Run 10 races

For the most part, I’m going to run the 5K races I did this year next year, minus the one in Newport. I’m picking up a new one, assuming I can make the registration—there are only 100 spots for the 5K—plus the 10K will be another race to add on.

Run a 10K

I didn’t run it this year but will be running it in March for sure, pending any injuries or sickness. At the moment, I’ve been running five miles, so I think a 10K (6.2 miles) is a possibility, even though I know I’ll have to walk parts of it.

Run a sub-30 5K

I ran a sub-30 3 miles during a regular run, and my best 5K race time is 31:03. I haven’t really run a lot of 5Ks in regular runs as I’m prepping for the 10K but I think once I start my 5K races it’ll be possible by the end of the year.

Read 65 books (including the Harry Potter series)

As I’m writing this, I’m on book #64 of the year, when I had set my goal to be 30. I blew that out of the water in July. I think I started but didn’t finish a handful of books, and I know that’ll probably happen next year, so that’s why I’m going with 65. I’d like to give myself some flexibility if I don’t like a few of the books I’ll read.

I never got on the Harry Potter train when I was younger, but I figured now that I’m a more serious reader, I’d like to read the series. I have a co-worker I can borrow the series from, so I don’t have to worry about checking them out from the library.

Make more plans with friends

I struggled with this this year, and I put it on here for next year but I don’t have super high hopes. Everyone seems to run on different schedules, so I get that, but at least for me, it’s tricky to make plans with people. My fallback is normally lunch/dinner/drinks/whatever, but maybe more fun things would be better? Any advice about how to make it easier to make plans?

Use positive talk with myself more

This one might take some work but it’s something I need to work on. It’ll also include cutting myself some slack and knowing that I’m doing my best.

And here’s a quick check in to see how my resolutions for this year went…

  • Read at least two books per month: I ended up averaging 5-6 books per month, so I’d definitely say I accomplished this.
  • Survive my first 10K: Nope, didn’t run it but will be next year.
  • Be better about motivating myself to run: I struggled a little with this, but I started to bribe myself with trips to the library.
  • Use my smoothie maker more: I made smoothies during the summer, and although our Ninja blender died, we bought a new Ninja one that’s a little bit better to use. As I made more of them, I got better with the consistency and what to use in them.
  • Work on my story at least twice a week: HA. Yeah, I abandoned that story and I have started a new one but don’t put pressure on myself to work on it. Although I should, but…
  • Continue to track my spending: Yep, this is still a thing.
  • Get better about putting things away: I did do better with this. I didn’t let things sit out longer than a day, and if I knew I could do it in a few minutes, I’d do it to get it out of the way.
  • Dabble in makeup more: Nope. The world of makeup outside of me buying mascara and eyeliner at Target terrifies me. I would love to find some foundation or whatever to cover up the red areas on my face because I’m tired of my face always being so red.

Happy 2020! 🙂 Do you believe in resolutions? If so, what are some of them? Do you stick with your resolutions?


  1. Yay! I love reading everyone’s resolutions to help inspire mine! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Harry Potter! I read all of the books as they were coming out and have continued to love them. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them too!

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  2. Omg be prepared to be sucked into the HP series!! I read them first at 28 – the first one in a day! All 7 in a month lol

    I don’t really believe in resolutions but I think I have a few goals I’d like to see through in 2020 ☺️ I like how yours are all obtainable for you and things that you would probably seek out even if you didn’t make a resolution list.

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    • I’m sure I’ll speed through all of them. I’m going to start them in January.

      Exactly! I feel like making broad or unattainable resolutions just makes you sad in the end if you can’t complete them. I do like looking at them like goals, and so what if I do accomplish them? Isn’t that the point of making them? Haha 😬

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  3. 65 Books! I couldn’t imagine doing that, but you probably will. You’ll like Harry Potter, did you ever see the movies? In Grade 5, we had to read the first book for school and then in Grade 6 I did a book report on the second book, but to this day, I haven’t finished reading it. My mom and I always say how we’ll have to go back and read the entire series since we have most of the books, but we’ve never gotten to it.

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  4. You did amazing with your reading this year & honestly, grabbing food & drinks is my favorite way to spend time with friends/family. What could top that? 😝 Love your very last goal, too. I once heard “if you’d never say it to a friend, never say it to yourself.”

    Great job on your 2019 resolutions! If you are looking for a light weight med-full coverage, non-irritating foundation, I highly recommend splurging on Tarte’s Amazonian Clay. It may seem expensive but it will last you more than a year & will not break you out. Plus, it has a little SPF in it. 😊

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