Christmas Decorating!

It’s December 5th but I started decorating last week for Christmas. Because why not? I started with my office at work. I had decorated it for Halloween but was planning to do a little more for Christmas. My co-workers were anticipating what I’d be doing.

It took a few days but I finally finished last Friday. 90% of it came from what I used to decorate my cubicle at my old job—or in my past life, as I say at work now—and the other 10% were new white lights and a few things from the holiday storage closet in my basement.

The bookcase is relatively new to my office. There used to be a large file cabinet and bookcase in that space, and I had facilities remove them; they came last week, so we were able to move that smaller one in. It was sitting out in the big common space in the middle of our department’s floor.

On Saturday, we went and got our Christmas tree. We’ve been getting real trees for the last four years or so. We didn’t have one last year because we didn’t have the space in our dining room—which is where we normally put the tree. So we opted for the little table top tree that’s in my office now for last Christmas.

My parents and I went to a cute little family farm in the next town over, where we’ve gone in the past. There were quite a few families there, and some people brought their dogs. We could never bring mine because they’d either be too excited to see people or that they were outside somewhere new.

We were on the quest for a cute, little tree. Most of the trees in the field were tall and fat and definitely wouldn’t fit in our dining room. It took us about fifteen minutes of wandering to find the perfect one. I didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the tree before my dad started chopping it down. There was a guy on a tractor that brought the tree down off the hill for us and put the netting on it. While he was doing that, my mom and I explored the barn that’s at the farm.

The family makes their own wreaths and Christmas decorations, and they had two cows there: Hailey and Candycane.

There was also complimentary hot chocolate and popcorn. It’s such a cute barn and it really gets you into the Christmas spirit. 

We always get our tree the first weekend in December, weather permitting, of course. Once we got the tree home, my dad trimmed up the stump and the bottom branches before we brought it into the house.

My dad strung the lights on the tree while my mom and I conquered the lights outside. We string some along the fence in front of our house and put up two three and a half foot inflatables: one is a reindeer and one is a snowman. 

I ended up decorating the tree on Sunday, because we were all tired after getting the tree on Saturday. There’s really no theme to our tree, but it’s very colorful. The tree is about my height, and I’m 5’2″. It’s so little but we love it. And it doesn’t take up too much space in our dining room.

I put the “softer” ornaments toward the bottom of the tree so nothing will break in case the dogs back into the tree or wag their tails into the branches. Oh, and because of our cat, Stella.

We had her last Christmas, but since we had the table top tree, she didn’t experience a real tree until this year. When we brought it into the house, she was afraid of it, and then once it was all settled, she walked over, smelled it, and then tried to chew on a branch. Now she lays underneath it in the back on the tree skirt, which is what my old cat did. 

Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet? How do you decorate it and how do you decorate for the holidays?


  1. We have a fake tree and decorate it with a bunch of different ornaments, like 12 apples, ladders, birds, candy canes, and other stuff. I’m surprised you don’t have a Red Sox baseball hanging from your tree.

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  2. We have a fake tree and put a ton of ornaments on it. You bet I have sports ones……Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champs, Fighting Ilini, Nebraska, random sports ones, and oh yeah, nice stuff too. Some elegant ones, Jesus, family photos, etc. I even have a cool one given to me by my grandparents when I was 3 years old. I know….1978! Pretty cool.

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    • If my dad and I could agree on sports teams, maybe we’d have more sports ornaments on our tree haha. But for now, I just have one Red Sox ornament. I know when I was younger the ornaments were like 90% of the ones I made in school. It’s nice to see how the collection of ornaments grows over the years.

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