A Cozy Winter Tag

Thanks to Melissa over at Castles and Hurricanes for this tag!

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1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

A white Christmas is pretty and all, but knowing our luck in New England, we’d get two feet dumped on us. So I’d have to say a green Christmas. (Plus the snow isn’t as pretty after it’s been plowed and is full of dirt and salt.)

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

Snuggle up with a blanket. It’s cold out, and I try to limit my time outside. I love snuggling up and watching it snow.

3. How do you typically celebrate New Year’s?

I’m in bed at 10:00 p.m. When I was in high school, I used to stay up but it was actually kinda sad ringing in the new year by myself. Since I moved back home after college, I don’t stay up. I’ll record Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Anderson Cooper/Andy Cohen on CNN (they are hilarious), and my mom and I watch them the next day, which is nice because we can fast forward through all of the commercials.

4. Favorite winter food?

Do cookies count? Because I love all kinds of Christmas cookies. (This time of year is when we get a bunch of vendor gifts at work, and everyone sends food. Luckily the marketing department loves food.)

5. What is your favorite seasonal drink?

Hot chocolate.

6. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

After Halloween was over, I jokingly asked if I could decorate my office on November 1. Granted, I keep my white Christmas lights up all year, so I didn’t have to decorate too much. I put up my little tree and decorations on my door last Wednesday. We got our Christmas tree for the house the Saturday after Thanksgiving because we were supposed to get a snowstorm the first weekend of December, which we did. My mom pulled out a bunch of Christmas decorations for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. (I’ll have a post later this week about my office and our Christmas tree!)

7. Do you enjoy the cold weather or do you get anxious for spring to come?

I hate the cold. I’ve lived in New England my entire life, so I’m used to it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. I can’t wait for spring.

8. Do you have any special holiday traditions?

Not really. Last year we did an early Christmas at my grandparents’ house, which we’re doing again this year. It’s nice that my parents and I can stay home on Christmas day and hang around. I guess one “tradition” we have is going out to dinner with a couple that have been family friends for years. They live out near Chicago and fly in at Christmas time to see family. We always meet them out for dinner to catch up, and I look forward to seeing them.

9. What is your idea of a perfect winter day?

Staying inside under a blanket watching Christmas movies.

10. What’s the best part about winter?

The festive-ness of the season. I love seeing lights pop up on houses and the non-stop Christmas music. There’s so much hype for one day; like it seems more effort is put into the pre-Christmas stuff than actual Christmas stuff.

11. What’s your favorite movie set in the winter season? (Not necessarily a Christmas movie)

Just Friends. It takes place around Christmas but I wouldn’t consider it a straight up Christmas movie. This scene is the best part of this movie, and anytime my mom and I hear someone press a button while on the phone (typically while we’re watching QVC) we both go, “Joyce?”

But my favorite Christmas movie is The Santa Clause.

12. What do you hate about winter?

It’s cold. And the snow is a real inconvenience when you get more than a foot at a time.

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  1. Ooo I am hating on the cold this year too! Like so much! It just gets deep into my bones lately and I can’t get rid of it. Totally sucks!

    I love the Santa Clause! Such a cute movie! And the second one isn’t too bad either!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun tag, Becky! I totally agree that the pre-Christmas stuff seems much more important than the actual day but it’s so fun celebrating & seeing lights all month. 😁 Just Friends & The Santa Clause are both so good!!

    Liked by 1 person

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