One Good Thing: Week of Dec. 13

My One Good Thing for this week is that I decided to completely re-do my bedroom! I’m so excited I’m finally doing this, especially since my work from home set-up has been in my room since March and will be for the foreseeable future. The last time I re-decorated my room was when I was in college, five years ago, and I’ll be honest, the coral wall color is starting to drive me crazy.

Last Sunday I ordered all new furniture from Target: a bed frame/headboard, two dressers, a desk, bookcase, night stand, lamp for the night stand, bedding, and a rug. I’ve never had new bedroom furniture; my dressers are from before I was born, 26 years ago. I’m going for a more calming color scheme with white and black metal/wooden furniture and light gray paint for the walls.

I cleaned out my room yesterday, going through my desk, dressers, and closet. I have tomorrow off, and I plan to take all of my wall stuff down since I’m rearranging my room once the new furniture is in, so I’m not sure what will go back on the walls and where. I’m on vacation for the rest of the year starting this Friday—I won’t go back to work until January 4th—so my project for the two week break is re-doing my bedroom.

This is my first time ever doing this, so I’m excited but it’s also sort of stressful. I’m waiting on all of the furniture pieces to come in—I’ve been keeping track on a Google sheet—and once I really start everything on Friday, I think I’ll be more excited.

I’m taking photos as I go along and I’m also taking time lapse videos so at the end I can put together a really cool video. Once I’m all done, I’ll definitely do a long post about it!

What was one good thing that happened in the past week?


  1. How fun. Our daughter did something similar when she moved back home after college a few years ago. Repainted the room with grays and whites. It looks really nice. Good luck with your redecorating!

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  2. Ooooo how exciting!!

    My good thing this week is that during this round of school closure, I am not affected and do not have to self-isolate any longer!! 😃😃😃 and also my nails are SO cute when I changed them today!

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