What I Did This Weekend


Went for a run: I had run 7 miles on Wednesday and my legs weren’t sore anymore but just felt heavy. I’m still bad at stretching post-run, so I think that probably played a factor, too. I took it easy, meaning I walked a bit, but I did 3.1 miles. I enjoyed the weather and also saw 12 dogs! Who were also out enjoying the weather.

Sat outside and read: This weekend was the first perfect weather weekend we’ve had so far this year. It was 70 degrees on Saturday, so that meant I had to set up my lawn chair and read. Our pool isn’t up yet—we have a 15 foot inflatable one from Amazon—so it wasn’t quite summer-mode yet, but I was excited to sit outside. I read about 100 pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and had a few mixed drinks (lemonade and black cherry rum, nothing too fancy haha). I did put sunscreen on but did get burned on my shoulders and upper back. Not one of my worst sunburns, though, so.

Binged shows: I finished Brews Brothers and started Waco. My mom and I also finally finished watching Say Yes to the Dress: America; the episodes had been in my DVR for forever, so for the last week or so, we’ve been getting through those episodes.


Ventured out of the house: Really the only time I leave my house is to go running, which I don’t count as “leaving the house.” I hadn’t been out in a store since the middle of March, right before the time when things started shutting down. I didn’t have a reason to leave the house, so after a month passed, I sorta missed the boat on it. My mom has been making fabric masks for us, and Sunday was the first time I put one on. She offered to take me to Walgreens—there’s one close to my house—just so I can get used to going out with a mask on. She got a few things, and I made it through the trip okay. After we just drove around town for a while just to get out of the house and see what’s been going on in town.

Changed my sheets: I do this twice a week on Sundays so that I start my week with clean sheets. But around this time of year with my allergies I change them once a week.

Sat outside: It reached 75 degrees!! I think I read close to 200 pages of Harry Potter? All I know is that I have like 20 pages left of the fifth book to finish tonight before bed. It’s such a long book, and although there were funny little bits or one-liners, I spent most of the book just wondering, “Okay so is anything actually going to happen?” I’m sunburned again, and my drink of choice was a blueberry pomegranate moscato GAZE wine cocktail; I bought a 6 pack from QVC. I really liked it! Would recommend.

Planned out my runs for the week: I do this every Sunday so that I know when my runs are going to be. The days are mostly dependent on the weather; I still run after work during the week and always have a Saturday run. This week is Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I’m thinking 4-5 tomorrow, 3.1 on Wednesday, and a longer run on Saturday, maybe 7 if I can. My plan for running 10 miles by the fall is still in the works but I unofficially started it this weekend.

Puzzled: My mom and I started a new puzzle last week and we worked on it: it’s hard. Or maybe we’re just bad at puzzles haha. It’s another 1,000 piece one of cats.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Ooo yay for reading sooo much! I’m not even close to finishing HP5 😂 it’s sooo slow!

    I did some online shopping this weekend! Woohoo and reading. And I went grocery shopping for the first time since March 20th. I only remember because it was the day I got my tattoo haha I’ve ordered groceries online since. But on Monday I went to the dollar store for some things I needed and felt like it was ok for food shopping as well. It was so nice to actually go and do my own shopping like a regular person! 😂

    Today was nice out too! Went on a Starbucks run with the mom from upstairs (I say we are quarantined together so it’s ok) and then we went for a walk. She’s pregnant so we didn’t go very far but the company and conversation was nice!

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    • It wasn’t bad but I was just wondering if anything big would happen. I mean at the end yeah, but the book is 870 pages 😬

      Online shopping is always good! Did you get anything good?

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      • Haha oh goodness yes soooo long! I’m almost out of the 200’s haha

        This month I have spent SOOO much! Got my mom a bracelet for Mother’s Day and myself a ring at the same time, a whole new bedding set (comforter/sheets/decorative pillow etc) and yesterday ordered a very pretty dress for post COVID summer dates and a new style of capris lol I have no shorts/capris for this summer. Got rid of them all last year since they were all too big. But everywhere has a “no returns” policy for clothing right now. Hoping the pair I got fit and are nice!

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      • Haha I’ve been wanting new bedding for years!! I’ve had this set since I was like 15-17? So it’s been a WHILE. I love it but it’s time for it to go.

        And my fingers are crossed too!! Haha

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  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I’M glad I’m not the only one counting animals during my walks and runs… Except I count cats. But I also see many, many dogs.

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    • Counting dogs is a good distraction for myself while running haha. I normally don’t see too many cats but I have spotted a few. And I saw a bunny a few weeks ago.

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      • It is a very good distraction! I don,t count dogs because it seems that everyone in my village has at least one dog, so I’d probably end up with like 50 dogs in a 3-mile run! 😂

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