Highlight of My Week

The highlight of my week this week was going to the library.

Now, most of you are probably like, “Yeah we get it, you go to the library a lot.” And you’re right. I always get excited to go to the library, but for some reason this week it seemed extra special.

During this pandemic and being home more, I’ve found that I’m relying on books as a distraction. I like sitting down and just being sucked into a book. It’s one way that I’m dealing with everything that’s going on, because I don’t know how much longer it’ll be like this. So that’s why I’m looking for little highlights of my week.

Another highlight of my week was getting Moe’s for dinner for the first time in almost a year. I think we have to have those little things to also make life seem a bit more normal.

So I have a question for you guys: what’s been a highlight of your week? Or it could be a highlight from last week. What’s something that’s made your day a little brighter?


  1. The highlight of my week is that I get to go grocery shopping tomorrow! I know that’s not a big thing but when I moved in on Saturday, the second fridge hadn’t arrived yet. It did yesterday, we could plug it in today and tomorrow I have no work so shopping and cooking for the week!! I’ve been getting take out for lunch and dinner since Sunday and I am over it!!!

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  2. That’s awesome that the library is so exciting for you! I have yet to go back since the pandemic, but I think I might have figured out how to get library books on my kindle (it’s very old so a lot of the library apps don’t work)! Last week I started my job which was exciting, and hopefully once I get my work/school schedule figured out I’ll have more time to read!

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  3. Going to the library is such a fun thing to do, it would totally be a highlight for me too! I’ve not been back to the library since lockdown was lifted because I was in the middle of reading a long series (12 books!) on my Kindle and I wanted to finish it before diving into something else, but now COVID numbers are rising up again so I might have to wait a little longer before going back.

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