Maine Trip: Part 1

Here’s part one post of two posts about our trip to Maine! I decided to split up the four days into two posts since we did a lot and didn’t want to have one long post.

It was my first time in the state, and I was really excited to go. Josh’s family has a place at a campground in Kennebunk that he’s been going to for his entire life, so he knows his way around the area. I sort of let him plan this trip but I made sure we would hit some of the touristy things since I hadn’t been to Maine before.

I waited until Wednesday night/Thursday morning to pack but after having packed for Cooperstown, I basically brought all of the same things plus a few extras since we were staying longer in Maine. Side note: when I was packing Wednesday night, I went to turn the light on in my closet ceiling and the glass light cover must have been loose and it fell down on top of me and shattered everywhere. Thankfully Josh was there to help because I got a few cuts from the shards. After I stopped the bleeding, Josh vacuumed the closet and picked up all of the glass; I only had a few minor cuts but it was still scary.

We were leaving Thursday morning so Josh stayed over Wednesday night, and we were able to catch up on a few more episodes of Stranger Things season 4.

Thursday, June 9

We left my condo after 9:00 a.m. and had to quickly stop at Josh’s house to pick up a few forgotten items before we hit the road. (Plus I got to see their family dog, Pennie! She’s so cute.)

We got to the campground after 12:00 p.m. and dropped our stuff off inside. We went to The Pilot House in Kennebunkport for lunch because we were both starving, and I was getting hangry. We both got IPAs from Sebago, and I got chicken tenders and Josh got a jerk chicken sandwich.

After we ate, Josh brought me to a touristy shop so I could get a Kennebunkport sweatshirt and a mug for my mom. Then we went to Hannaford to get groceries for the weekend before heading back. Josh took me on a walking tour of the campground, and then we set up the hammock so I could read.

Of course, it started to rain a bit as soon as I got settled, so we moved inside where I read some more before we made dinner.

Our last stop for the day was Shain’s of Maine for ice cream. I got mint cookies and cream, and Josh got black raspberry.

We got back around 8:00 p.m., and Josh made a fire where we sat and had a few beers that we picked up from the grocery store. We sat outside until 10:00-ish before going to bed.

Friday, June 10

We made breakfast and got ready before heading into downtown Kennebunkport for a couple of hours to walk around. The area is super cute, and we just wandered in and out of any stores that caught our attention.

Obviously, I managed to find a bookstore, and we stopped in, however, I didn’t buy any books.

I bought a Kennebunkport baseball hat, a small wooden seagull to put on my TV stand, and a pair of earrings.

We packed a lunch of sandwiches, chips, granola bars, and water bottles to bring with us to eat by the water. This was our view, and it was a good idea to have our own little picnic.

One of our final stops was going by the Bush Family Vacation Compound in Kennebunkport (Bush as in the presidents). You have to look at it from a distance (you can bet there’s Secret Service on the property), but I took a few pictures of it for my mom. And then some nice woman offered to take a picture of Josh and I. (You can see the main house behind Josh and I in the picture.)

Stopping by the beach was a spur-of-the-moment decision, mostly because we were able to find a parking spot. We were at Gooch’s Beach, and although I was warned beforehand that Maine water is cold, I can confirm now that it is, indeed, very cold.

We walked up and down the shoreline at the water’s edge, and I even found a really cool shell that I brought home.

We had a couple of hours to kill before dinner, so back in the hammock I went. This time, there was no impending rain, and after putting on some sunscreen and wearing my sun hat, I was set. Josh got me all set up and then he sat up on the back porch. I ended up finishing the book later on after dinner.

We went back into the Port for dinner at Federal Jack’s.

If we go to a restaurant and they have a pretzel on the appetizer list (or fried pickles), we have to get it. For beers, I got the Goat Island Light and Josh got the Shipyard Export Ale; for dinner, we both got Reubens but I got mine with turkey instead.

After a shower and getting into comfy clothes, Josh made another fire and we made s’mores! I was really looking forward to that and made sure we got marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers at the store.

We stayed out again until around 10:00 p.m. before going to bed. Part two with our Saturday and Sunday adventures will be out tomorrow!


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