Maine Trip: Part 2

If you missed part one of our Maine Trip, check that out before reading on!

Saturday, June 11

We got up after 8:00 a.m. and made breakfast, and I read a bit before getting ready to head up to Freeport for part of the afternoon. Our first stop was Maine Beer Company.

According to the website, reservations weren’t required but recommended, and I’m glad we actually made one for 12:15 p.m. because the brewery was already pretty busy by that time.

Josh and I both got flights: his was Prince Percy, Post Ride Snack, Lunch, and Mean Old Tom, and mine was Prince Percy, Post Ride Snack, Little Whaleboat, and Lunch. We split a Margherita pizza, which was SO good.

The brewery was super cute and I’m so glad we went. I stopped in the gift shop on the way out and bought a postcard that I’ll hang up in my office; I just liked the design really.

We then drove to downtown Freeport to walk around a bit before we went to Portland for the rest of the day.

The L.L. Bean outlet is in Freeport, so we stopped by because Josh wanted to look at getting a pair of new sneakers. One of the L.L. Bean employees offered to take a picture of us next to the boot!

Next was downtown Portland! I was really excited to go there because I had heard such good things about it. And it didn’t disappoint. We stopped in a touristy shop, and I got a Portland sweatshirt and a gift for my dad.

We also stopped in a kitchen store and a few other little shops before I found a bookstore: Sherman’s, which is actually Maine’s oldest bookstore.

I bought Beartown by Fredrik Backman, and although I’ve read it before from the library, I absolutely loved it and had been wanting it for my own library. Plus I’ll read anything by Fredrik Backman.

We left downtown Portland around 4:30 p.m. to head to Hadlock Field for a Portland Sea Dogs game. I had suggested this a while ago when Josh said we’d spend a day in Portland. The Sea Dogs are the double A affiliate of the Red Sox, and once upon a time I used to know a lot of the players in the farm system, and even though I don’t now, I wanted to go to a game there.

But it was just our luck the Sea Dogs were playing the Hartford Yard Goats, which is the local team for us at home. We were like, “what are the odds?!” when we bought the tickets but went anyway.

We parked in a garage and had about a one block walk to the field, which was nice. Gates opened at 4:30 p.m., and by that time it was closer to 5:00 p.m., so we got in pretty easily. It’s nice that most sports tickets can be put in your Apple Wallet, so I just had to scan my phone at the entrance with our tickets.

I stopped in the team store to buy a hat before we got food and beer. We were a bit disappointed they didn’t have any drafts, so we had to settle for bottled Bud Light. (They did have some local Maine beer there but after having beer at the Maine Beer Company earlier in the day, we were happy with good old Bud Lights.) We got hotdogs first and then went back in the fifth inning for another round of beer and pretzels.

During the game, we didn’t know who to root for since the Sea Dogs are affiliated with the Red Sox but the Yard Goats are our home team. We figured we’d be happy with whoever won regardless.

The game was actually pretty good; the Sea Dogs manager got tossed in the middle of the game and had to awkwardly walk out to a door in the outfield wall, but he went to the wrong one at first and someone came out of the right one to get him. I also spent most of the time keeping an eye out for the mascot, Slugger, and staying away from him.

The Yard Goats ended up winning 7-3, and we were home around 10:00 p.m. I was super tired from a long day so we went to bed pretty shortly after we got back.

Sunday, June 12

Our last day! We had a slow start to the morning, making breakfast before I spent some time out in the hammock with another book.

After having lunch, we headed to Ogunquit to walk along the Marginal Way out to Perkins Cove. It took about a half hour to walk the Way before getting into Perkins Cove, where there were a bunch of little shops. We stopped in Perkins Cove Candies, and I got some salt water taffy and Josh got Swedish Fish (his favorite candy).

Our original plan was to go to Sebago Brewing Company for dinner, but on our drive there, we realized it closes at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays. (If we end up back in Maine this summer, going there will be on our list.) Josh found another restaurant for us to go to, Duffy’s Tavern and Grill.

We both got blueberry beers and split an appetizer of fried pickles. I got a California wrap and Josh got a Buffalo Chicken wrap.

After dinner, it was time to head back. We finished packing up the car before heading off around 6:45 p.m. I ended up falling asleep in the car through all of New Hampshire; I was just going to rest my eyes and then woke up like 15 minutes later completely confused. We stopped at one rest stop on the way back before getting back to my condo around 9:30 p.m. Josh helped me bring all of my stuff upstairs, and I was in bed around 10:00 p.m., leaving everything to be unpacked this week. (Which I actually got done Monday night.)

I absolutely loved our trip and I didn’t want to come back. Josh was such a great tour guide through all of the best parts of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Freeport, and Portland. I also liked hanging out at the campground, reading in the hammock, and having s’mores with a fire. It was the perfect escape for four days, and I’m glad I was able to relive all of it while writing these posts.


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