Bucket List Check-In

We’re halfway through the year—!!!!—so I thought I’d do a check-in on my bucket list goals I posted back in January.

Read 50 books

As of this post being published, I’ve read 41 books, so I think I’m on a pretty good track to read 50 before the end of the year—or at this rate, before the end of the summer.

Go to multiple sporting events

So far I’ve been to two Springfield Thunderbirds games and one Portland Sea Dogs game. Josh and I are trying to get to a Hartford Yard Goats game this summer—hopefully next month—and I’m not sure if we’ll make it to the WooSox this year.

Run at least five 5K races

So far I’ve run three 5K races (Bradley Road Race, Cinco K Mayo, and Run for Rice’s) and had to skip a 4-mile race on July 4th because I had COVID. I’m currently not signed up for any races at the moment, but I know there are two that will come up later on in the year that I want to do. At this rate, I just might make it to five total races.

Go away on a short vacation somewhere fun

I’ve actually been on two short vacations this year so far! Josh and I went to Cooperstown, NY for my birthday and then spent four days in Maine in June.

Celebrate one year in my condo on July 18, 2022

This will happen next Monday! I’m working on a post about my past year that’ll be published on that day. As for actually celebrating the day, I’m not sure what it’ll look like. I have next week off from work, so maybe I’ll just do all of my favorite activities, which include sitting out on the balcony and reading.

Tackle projects in my condo

Back when I wrote this post in January, I said I wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets. That’s not gonna happen because it would be way too much work. So for now I’m going to keep living with my dark brown cabinets. I also said, “And finally get rid of the ugly lights in the main bathroom.” Unfortunately, those lights are still in my bathroom solely out of me being lazy and not actively looking for new lights.

I do want to touch up the baseboard molding, though, and had planned on doing that over my winter break back in December but I had a nasty cold and didn’t leave the couch for a week. I also want to clean out my garage but I’m waiting for a not 85 degree day to do that.

Go to five new-to-me breweries

So far, I’ve only been to three new-to-me breweries:

  1. Hog River Brewing in Hartford, CT
  2. Red Shed Brewery in Cooperstown, NY
  3. Maine Beer Company in Freeport, ME

I’ve got time until the end of the year to visit more, which I’m excited about.

Binge-watch an entire show

I’ve watched a bunch of one-off season shows, like Inventing Anna, The Dropout, and Dopesick, and I don’t really count those as binge-watching an entire show. I was looking for a show with multiple seasons. I’ve started Below Deck: Sailing Yacht and Selling Sunset, both of which I’d count toward this goal. But as of this post publishing, I haven’t finished a multiple-season show yet.

Also, don’t forget I’m taking condo questions until this Friday!


  1. I just started watching Dopesick (because I was able to hack into my mom’s Hulu account 😉 ) and since it’s based in where I live (southwest Virginia) and touches on a subject that I work in fighting, let’s just say: I’ve never felt so connected to a show before.

    Also, fun fact: I hosted an event for work a few years back that was on harm reduction and invited and had to pleasure of having the author of the book Dopesick, Beth Macy, as our guest speaker. The stories she has to share are heart shattering.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We really enjoyed the series when we watched it. That’s really interesting that you got to have that event and have the author there. I’ll have to see if my library has the book, I’d be interested in reading it after having watched the show.

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