Diary No. 2

Josh and I went out for a breakfast date a few weeks ago. He has Fridays off, and I took a Friday off from work, and we decided to treat ourselves to a cute breakfast date. We went to the same little place where I went after my 5K race in March. He got a hash omelet and I got scrambled eggs, sausage, and home fries.

As much as I hate getting the Sunday Scaries, I value my Sunday mornings at home. I try to do all of my errands on Saturdays so I can stay home Sunday and relax a bit. I use my Sunday mornings to either change and wash my sheets or clean the bathrooms, make my lunches for the upcoming work week, and other miscellaneous chores, like ironing—which I hate. I also re-stock my little coffee/tea set up and other things in the kitchen as well as update my planner so that I’m ready for the week.

I have a stack of books to be read that I’m nervous to read. I’m sure this sounds silly, but I’m worried that since I bought them I might not like them. I wrote about this weird buying vs. borrowing books thing I have 3 years ago, and it’s still true. I tend to do a lot of research about a book before actually buying it because I feel like I’ll be disappointed if I buy a book and end up hating it. At least if it’s a library book, I can just return it. I also just keep going back to the library and getting more books, which is preventing me from reading the books I actually own.

Speaking of books… this is from one I read this weekend and I 100% definitely relate to it.

(The book is My Mess Is a Bit of a Life: Adventures in Anxiety by Georgia Pritchett.)

I got my license renewed yesterday. It expires next month but I know I’m going to be busy in May so I got it done this month. Thankfully I could go to AAA to get it renewed and not have to go to the DMV. I got the Real ID—although it’s not like I’m going to be flying anywhere anytime soon—and changed my address. And even though license pictures never come out incredibly good, I still did my hair and makeup just so I didn’t look as 18 years old as I do without it.

I finally got my new balcony furniture. Both the furniture and rug are from Amazon, and the chairs and table took me about an hour to put together last weekend by myself. I take the chair pads in when I’m not sitting out there so they don’t end up blowing away. Also ignore the green pollen that seems to permanently be on the railings; I was hoping the rain would wash it all away.

I’m excited and nervous about my upcoming summer trips. In May I’m going to Cooperstown, NY, and in June I’m going to Kennebunk, Maine. I’ve never really been away on a real vacation anywhere, and now I’m going on two within a month’s time. I’m going with Josh on both trips, and he’s been on so many trips before, so he’s been good so far with putting up with my irrational fears of traveling. If anyone has advice for a sort-of first-time traveler, that’d be great! (For reference, we’re driving to both places—if I had to get on a plane, this would be even worse—and going to NY for ~3 days and Maine for 4.)


  1. -Try to resist the urge to overpack
    -Bring comfortable shoes; you never really know how much walking you’ll end up doing on a getaway
    -Remember to wear (and reapply) sunscreen even if you’re not outside that much

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    • In the next month I’m planning on getting a pair of cute walking sneakers for both of the trips because I’m assuming we’ll be walking a ton. And yes, sunscreen is super important; my face burns pretty easy so I’ll bring some and a hat too

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  2. Kennebunk is great! My grammie lives there and I’ve been a million times. Definitely enjoy walking around the Port for shopping (find a parking lot around there and just walk everywhere/shop). Federal Jack’s is walking distance from that area and has nice outdoor/patio dining overlooking the water. Best of Everything has cute and cheap jewelry/accessories. My family also likes to grab a slice at Roma Pizza when walking through. Parsons Beach is my favorite of all the options nearby.

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