Buy or Borrow Books?

When I was younger, everyone’s go-to gift for me was a Barnes & Noble gift card. (Now it’s Target.) I’ve always loved going into Barnes & Noble, and I remember when I was younger, maybe 11 or 12, standing in the kid’s section, trying to figure out which books of the From the Files of Madison Finn series I didn’t have yet. I had a big three shelf book case in my room that I still wish I had now, and it used to be packed full.

I’ve always been a reader, mostly reading before bed at night or outside during the summer. When I was in grad school, my reading decreased a little, but this year I set a goal of reading 30 books, and I’m currently reading #19, in the middle of April.

As I’m flying through books, it got me thinking of buying books vs. borrowing them from the library.

I hardly buy books anymore. I’ve bought four in the last year, and that’s because I wanted to read them before they would eventually end up in the town library. Speaking of the library, I’m there on a weekly basis, and I think I break out in hives if I’m not. I spent a lot of time there while I was working on my master’s, but now I’m there to get new books every week. The new fiction section has always been good, and there are times when I just wander in the fiction stacks.

I mostly don’t buy books because I don’t have the space anymore. The books I do own live in the nightstand next to my bed, and that’s close to overflowing. I also don’t buy them because unless it’s an author I’ve read before or know the book is good, I don’t want to buy something I won’t end up liking.

There’s a handful of books in my basement with my college stuff that were from my Baseball & American Culture class that I couldn’t sell back. Not always a bad thing in this case. They’re littered with post-its because I had to read them for class/write papers on them, and scribbled notes on post-its was my go-to for all of my high school and college years.

I’m currently reading a book I own, which is out of the ordinary for me. I couldn’t make it to the library last weekend to get a new book, so I started reading The Catcher in the Rye. I put a book on hold at the library, so I’ll wait until I can pick that up, but I might explore the books I own and see if any are worth reading. But I think I’m addicted to the new fiction section because I love finding one that’s on my Goodreads “Want to Read” shelf, and I think reading one book per week is fueling my addiction.

I have to return a book this Saturday because it’s due, so I’ll check out the new fiction section and know that the books I own will always be waiting for me if I need them. I do own my favorite book, The Art of Fielding, and I know I have another book that I want to re-read this year. I guess it’s just finding the right balance and giving all of the books all the love I have to give.

So, here’s the big question for you: do you like buying books or borrowing them from the library?


  1. I definitely try not to buy books. Last summer the parents of the toddler I was nannying gave me a gift card to chapters (our major bookstore in Canada) and I didn’t even buy any books! Lol got a blanket and an air hockey game and a day planner lol BUT I am going to the thrift store near my parents house this weekend. $1 shirts is a great deal tomorrow!! And their books are always 10 cents. TEN CENTS BECKY!!!! *breathes into a paper bag*

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  2. The only way I buy books is at a thrift store or yard sale. I have never paid full price for a book. I have a few friends that are bookies like me and I always pass my good books to them when I’m done. It’s a true addition.

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    • I hardly ever buy hardcover books and will wait for the paperback if it’s a book I really want to own. It’s great that you have fellow book friends to share books with!


  3. I love buying books. My dream is to someday have a place where there’s a room I can call a library. However… I don’t think I’ll ever actually own a home, so it can be difficult to constantly pack up tons of books and move them from apartment to apartment. So recently, I’ve been more apt to borrow from the library.

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    • I’d love to have a library or a big reading nook whenever I buy a house! But yeah, having a lot of books to move a lot could be annoying. I feel like I read books faster when I get them from the library because I know they have to be back in three weeks (although I know I can renew them again).

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  4. I definitely lean more toward buying books. I like to buy them from used book stores, but now that I am having a baby and I NEVER re-read a book, I am seeing the point of buying them less and less. I don’t have the room and I won’t re-read it, sooooo why do I waste my money? Maybe I’ll give the library a try and take Hazel with me to start her reading addiction early. 🙂

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    • YES Hazel will be a reader. Tell her that her crazy Aunt Becky from New England says so. I know that my library has programs during the day for kids, so I’m sure you could find some at yours. I steer clear of the kids section, though, at the library haha.

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  5. I buy books (mainly with gift cards) just because there’s no way I can expect myself to go to the library and read a book within a week. The bought books normally sit on the floor for 8-12 months before I get to them.

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  6. Ahhh! You just brought back so many memories with the Madison Finn books. Oh my gosh. I used to love those!

    I usually borrow books, too. I will only buy one if I absolutely loved it & have already read it. 😛

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