Condo Chronicles: Favorite Thing in My Kitchen

Now that I’ve lived in my condo for almost six months, I’ve started to add cute little things around the space. Some areas are still empty, waiting for something new from Target or Amazon to fill them, but I recently added something in my kitchen, and I’m obsessed with how it came out.

I’m an avid tea and coffee drinker, so I have a designated shelf in a cabinet with boxes of tea and a box of Dunkin’ coffee pods. I keep my electric kettle and one-cup Keurig out on the counter since I use them daily. On a trip to Target, I found a wood and metal two-tier shelf in that $5 section right as you walk into the store—to be honest, that little section always trips me up and I never leave without buying at least one thing from there. After wandering around the store to get a few other things that were actually on my list, I also bought a 4-pack of little gray plastic square containers.

Now introducing the coffee and tea station on my kitchen counter:

I know it’s not much, but I love it, especially since it’s all things I use daily. I re-stock the pods, sugar packets, and tea bags when necessary, and having everything available on the counter makes having an afternoon cup of coffee a lot easier. The four-set of mugs was a Christmas present from my parents, and I love the mug colors and that I can leave them on the counter.

I like that I’m able to put these little personal touches in my condo; that was one thing I was excited about once I finally got all of the big furniture moved in. I’m going to an antique shop this weekend with my mom, and I’m hoping to pick up a few little things to add!


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