Buying Essentials

As I talked about in this post, I feel like some of my wardrobe is stuck in pre-pandemic times. This is a result of working from home for a year and a half, only wearing t-shirts and leggings, and not going anywhere. But now that I’m back at work and going places again, I’m finding myself being a bit disappointed in my current wardrobe.

Pre-pandemic, I was buying clothes a bit more often, not all the time, but a lot more than I am now. And after my body carrying me through the past two years of a global pandemic, it doesn’t quite feel the same as it did before. I don’t want to force myself into clothes that don’t quite fit anymore if I don’t have to, so that’s why I’m starting to replace certain items.

One of the things I absolutely hate buying are pants, whether jeans or shorts. I haven’t bought new ones of either in a very long time—like years—so I knew if I wanted to get new shorts, I’d have to go try them on in person since I wasn’t 100% sure what size I would be. So that meant a Target trip since I’m a baller on a budget here, folks.

I looked online prior to going to the store and tried on a few I had looked at, and it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. I got two pairs of these denim shorts (one in a medium wash and another in a darker wash) and one pair of these linen shorts; if I wanted to get another pair, I’d just order them online since I know what size I am now.

I used an Old Navy/Gap gift card to buy a bunch of new underwear from Gap (in addition to a blue/white striped shirt). I’m really bad at buying/replacing undergarments, but I figured I was due for new ones. The unfortunate thing is that all six pairs shipped separately, so I had to keep texting my mom to let her know another Gap package had been delivered to the house.

Then I realized I hadn’t bought new sandals since college. Once it gets warm out, I automatically switch to wearing dresses to work—so I don’t have to try to match a shirt and pants—and that means also wearing sandals. The two pairs I wear the most, one white and one black, I’ve had for over 6 years and had seen better days. I looked online at DSW for new ones and stopped by the store in town to see if they had them/anything similar to try on, but I didn’t find anything I liked so I ended up ordering these online in white and black. They came in last week, and they’re actually pretty comfy.

Next up on my list of things to buy is a pair of casual sneakers for my upcoming trips this summer. The sneakers I own are either Converse or athletic/running sneakers, so I want to get a pair of comfortable sneakers but also cute ones to wear on my trips. I’ve got my eye on a pair like this, but I think I’ll go to DSW to try them on in person. And maybe some new socks; you can never have enough socks.

How often do you replace or re-build the essentials in your wardrobe?


  1. Oooo I love the shorts! I need new ones as well.

    Since I’ve been working in person for most of the pandemic, I have kept my professional wardrobe up to date. I did just get some new things cos my dad gives me birthday money now and I use it for work things and always use one store I get a discount with for my birthday haha. But I dont have a lot of summer non-work shirts that aren’t workout clothes so I will have to do another shop before summer camp starts. I might hit up old navy here since they have good things for summer!

    I also just got sandals! Again with birthday discounts! I got 3 pairs: 2 cute stylish ones for non-work days and dates. And then one pair for work. We have to have ones with straps around the heel so they dont fall off. Its so hard to find good ones that are also not ugly lol but I think I got a good pair! 🙏🤞🏻

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  2. I’m slowly refreshing mine, I have tons of clothes I just don’t feel comfortable in anymore & like you said I gravitate to t-shirts & leggings and really want to start looking decent / trying to look okay before I leave the house! I did just order a pair of white jeans from Abercrombie & i’m so glad they fit so they’ll be a main staple in my spring/summer outfits!
    I just bought new flats from Steve Madden (mine had totally seen better days too) & honestly I’m just so excited for sandal weather.

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