Condo Chronicles: New Art Prints

I’ve been slowly getting around to adding my personal touches to the condo now that I’ve settled in and made it past the 6-month mark. (See: Favorite Thing in my Kitchen and New Additions to the Living Room.) Next on my list was adding some art prints to the main bathroom and my bedroom.

I wanted to find affordable art prints because sometimes getting a pair of prints or even three in a set is expensive. After looking on Target and not finding really anything that caught my eye, I looked on Etsy for alternatives. I found digital art prints I could buy, download, and print myself. There were so many different prints to choose from, and I eventually settled on these:

*I’m fully aware these prints are for a nursery or children’s bedroom, but I really liked the colors and patterns in that set of two. And nothing about them screams “nursery!” anyway.

I also ordered this set of six 8.5″x11″ frames from Amazon. Once I got the digital downloads from the Etsy shops, I formatted each print in Photoshop and printed them at my parents’ house since I don’t have a printer here in the condo.

If you remember back from my condo tour post, I said that there’s a hole punched in my bedroom wall (under the “Fun Quirks!” section). After almost 8 months of living here, I finally covered it up! When I saw the “Oh My God Becky” print on Etsy, I knew it’d be perfect to cover up the hole.

Since I needed help hanging the prints, my parents came over this past weekend so my dad could help. I’m really happy with how they came out and might do the same thing in the future for a couple of pictures in the kitchen. There are so many options available on Etsy and the downloads come in a bunch of sizes so you can really customize the print to what you want.


  1. I have some abstract navy and purple with gold dust watercolor prints hanging over my bed from Etsy. I love the ease of finding the design on Etsy and just being able to print them yourself.

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