Diary No. 1

This is a new series I’m starting where I can just put all of my random thoughts at the moment when I don’t want to wait until my end-of-month recap. There probably won’t be any consistency to this, probably just whenever I have things to say or photos to share!

New England is doing what New England does: giving us all four seasons in one week. It was 60 degrees, a bit rainy, but then sunny on Sunday, it’s currently snowing and around 30 degrees today, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 50s and partly cloudy. It’s great.

I feel like my wardrobe is stuck in pre-COVID times. I think since March 2020, I’ve purchased maybe a handful of clothing items. I stopped buying “nice” clothes because I was staying home in leggings and sweatshirts all the time, but when I started going back into the office last August, I dreaded digging out my work clothes. Thankfully (!) I still fit in 90% of my work clothes; there are a few tops and pants that are a bit tight or just feel uncomfortable when I wear them. I’m back in the office three days a week now, and I am going out and doing things again, so I’m thinking about going through all of my clothes soon and seeing if there’s anything I can donate to make room for some new clothes. I won’t go overboard with buying clothes, but I think it’s worth re-evaluating what I already have and finding comfy but versatile pieces.

However, I’m buying new running sneakers this weekend. The last time I bought a pair was in October 2019, so I’m definitely due for a new pair—especially after I calculated I put over 600 miles on those sneakers (I ran ~400 alone in 2020). I’ll be going to a local running store to get fit for a new pair, and since I want to get back into running more consistently this year, I’m excited to get a new pair.

I haven’t been on Twitter in like a week. I’ve just been feeling burnt out from social media in general, and I’m only checking a few times a day now, if that. I’m aware things are going on out in the world, but sometimes it’s just too much to take in on a tiny screen. Does anyone else feel this way?

Can’t have an update without pup pictures! Lucy (on the left) is almost 10 months old (!) and Maggie (on the right) went for a haircut last week. She was getting too fluffy and had to go in for a quick trim.

My hair is back to half-ish blond now. Nature is healing, I guess. I was back to my natural brown/dark brown from September to a few weeks ago when I added the blond back in. I like to go lighter for the spring/summer and wanted to get a jump start on it now. I’m not sure if I’ll add the purple back in like I did last year—what I called my “pandemic purple.” We’ll see; it was fun but it’s also a bit to keep up.

I started listening to audiobooks for the first time in my life. I have access to free downloads on Hoopla through my town library, so I finally took advantage of that this past week. My plan is to listen to them on my drives to work as well as when I do chores around the condo, mostly to make both a bit less painful. So far, so good!


  1. I like this new series! Around the same time you wrote this, I was also looking for new running shoes. I still haven’t found a pair yet. It’s a lot harder than I remember.

    Lucy has the perfect pandemic posture in that photo haha

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