Condo Chronicles: New Additions to the Living Room

This past weekend, my mom and I spent Saturday afternoon doing a bit of shopping at a local antique shop and gift shop, both of which are about five minutes from my condo. I drive by the plaza all the time but we were finally able to get some time to go.

It was my first time in an antique shop, and this particular one has small booths where vendors can sell their items. There had to be close to 20 different booths with so many things we didn’t know where to look.

One of the first things we spotted was a set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. My mom has the exact same set, and they were originally her mom’s—my grandmother’s—and we refer to this set of bowls as the “Mother Bowls”. My mom had jokingly said before we went to the shop that she wondered if they’d have the “Mother Bowls” and they were literally the first things we saw.

So I am now the proud owner of my own set of “Mother Bowls” which I’ll definitely use as mixing bowls for the basic/minimal baking that I actually do.

After circling the store a few times, I ended up finding the shutter and side table in the back, and I knew instantly where they’d go. Up close, the shutter has dark green paint but it’s also extremely weathered that from a distance it works really well against the gray wall. I’m obsessed with the color of the side table—I have a few other teal accents throughout the condo—and it goes perfectly where my Christmas tree was.

After we finished in the antique shop, we went to a little gift shop at the end of the plaza. It was our first time in there, too, but unfortunately, we found out the shop was closing soon; they got hit because of COVID and couldn’t afford to stay open anymore.

All of the accent pieces on the side table are from the shop: the gray crock, yellow-painted Ball jar, the white canister, and a beer can candle; the beer can is Peach Tart from Tree House Brewing, which I’ve had before and really like, so once I saw that candle, I knew I had to get it.

My mom helped me set everything up once we got back to my condo, and I’m so happy with how everything looks. After Josh and I took down the Christmas tree, the space where it was looked really empty. I wasn’t planning on getting something to fill the space, but once I saw the side table, I knew it’d fit great there. (And once I put the tree back up, I can easily move the side table to another spot for the holiday season.)

I’m super happy with the pieces that I got, and we might even head back later on this year since the inventory at the antique shop changes often.


  1. Your condo looks cozy. I really like what you did with it. My mother really likes the antique aesthetic too and she went to college for interior decorating.

    Tbh at first I thought the shutter was a CD tower. Then I thought it was an air vent 😂 I’m not good with interior decorating, and my townhouse is a constant work in progress.

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  2. I had a distressed shutter set as a décor piece in my first place away from home too! I found that you can slide picture frame stands through the slats and use it to display framed pictures without putting holes in the wall or cluttering table surfaces. 🙂

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