Post-Super Bowl LVI Thoughts

A few days late, but better late than never: Here’s my Super Bowl recap! As I mentioned in my pre-game post, Josh and I were invited to his best friend’s house* to watch the game, and everyone was bringing some sort of appetizer.

*I’d like to add that I was assured ahead of time that everyone who was going has been vaccinated and boosted, so I felt okay with going and spending time with a group of people.

I thought the occasion was the best time to make my first dip in my Crock Pot, so I found an easy spinach and artichoke dip that I could make the day of.

The prep always takes me so long, but as I do more cooking, I’m sure I’ll get better at it. I didn’t chop up the spinach too much because I wasn’t sure if it’d wilt down; it didn’t really so next time I’ll either cut it up more or get baby spinach. Regardless, I prepped everything, threw it in the pot, and let it cook on low for two hours. I checked it every half hour or so just to stir it and make sure the cheese didn’t overcook.

On Saturday, I made funfetti cookies, one of the very few things I can bake. I found the recipe on Pinterest a few years ago and they’re pretty easy to make, especially since I got a hand mixer for Christmas. (The cookies were a huge hit at the gathering and everyone loved them.)

I spent the day pre-Super Bowl doing chores around the condo and reading while watching pre-game stuff. Josh came over around 3:30 p.m. and we hung out until we left to go to his best friend’s house a little after 5:00 p.m.

We got there about an hour before game time and set up the food we brought in the kitchen. And, of course, got to see the star of the night: Luna the dog. She’s the only reason why I wanted to go.

I claimed seats for me and Josh on the couch, but while he was in the kitchen, Luna took his spot, which I was perfectly fine with. I just had to keep my food away from her.

I had a couple of servings of the dip I made, some pizza rolls, a couple potato curry puffs, and some pretzel dogs (little hot dogs in pretzel dough). My beers of choice were from a Sam Adams variety pack and Josh and I were both sort-of sharing.

Luna was just so excited people were over, so she would go around to everyone. She spent some time on the couch between Josh and I, playing with a toy.

Josh’s other best friend is currently studying abroad in Vienna, so one of their friends got a cardboard cut-out made of him (the main purpose was for a wedding that he missed after he left for Europe). The cardboard cut-out ended up at the house we were at, so it was behind where Josh and I were sitting on the couch. Luna kept barking at it, so we’d have to turn it to face the wall, but ultimately it was put in the basement. It was pretty funny and we kept forgetting the cut-out was in the living room and it’d scare us, too.

We kept calling the Bengals either the Bagels or the Beagles; not sure why but it was funny. Overall, I thought the game was pretty good. It seemed like a good back and forth game; blowout or low-scoring Super Bowl games are boring. I’m happy the Rams won and I’m happy for Matthew Stafford and also OBJ since there was no chance he’d ever get to the Super Bowl when he was with the New York Giants. Oh, and for Sean McVay because he’s beautiful.

The halftime show was okay? I don’t listen to anyone who performed, so I didn’t really know any of the songs—aside from the popular ones you hear all the time. I thought the set looked cool, though, and the group was definitely full of powerhouses, but I just wasn’t really into it.

These are really the only commercials that stood out to us/ones I’d remember by the end of the month:

  • Doritos commercial with the sloth
  • Michelob beer commercial with Peyton Manning
  • Disney goat commercial
  • Toyota commercial with Nick Jonas

Other than that, the commercials were just commercials. Of course, there were crypto ones (which was part of my drinking game).

Overall, I had fun on Sunday and it was nice to hang out with people again. In the past, I’ve stayed home and had a wide spread of food, which my mom made an abbreviated version of for her and my dad. I went home for dinner Monday night and was given some of the leftovers, so I could still have my pigs in a blanket and mozzarella sticks.

What were your Super Bowl festivities like?


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