Condo Chronicles: Favorite Crockpot Meals

This is part of an ongoing series under the Condo Chronicles umbrella called “Becky has to feed herself and survive on her own.” I think I’ve nailed down a pretty good meal planning system—just ask Josh who is now subjected to said planning since he moved in—and part of that meal planning includes leftovers.

I won’t turn up my nose at any kind of leftovers; heck, sometimes meals taste better left over. Leftovers have been helpful since Josh moved in so it’s one less meal we actually have to make during the week since we take turns cooking dinner depending on our work schedules. If I want to eat before he gets home, I can just warm up my dinner in the microwave, and he can do the same later on.

Since I got a Crockpot for Christmas in 2021, it’s definitely helped give me extra meals which I take advantage of during the week when I come home from work and the last thing I want to do is cook. I’ll make a meal in the Crockpot on Sundays since I’m home and it makes me nervous to have a Crockpot cooking unattended while I’m gone.

All of my current Crockpot to-go recipes are ones I found online and work for a smaller Crockpot as mine is 4.5 quarts:

I’m always on the lookout to make more things in my Crockpot, but these are great staples so far that are easy to make and taste pretty good. It’s not a Crockpot meal, but my mom’s goulash recipe is an easy one-pot meal that I like to make on Sundays for football and then still have enough for leftovers during the week.

So, folks, moral of the story here is: leftovers are great. Embrace them.

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