My 2022 Planner

In the fall of 2020, I bought a planner for 2021 and pondered whether or not it’d be worth it. I’m happy to report that it was worth it because I was able to do some fun things last year.

So I figured I’d be okay to get one for 2022.

I ordered my new one from the same place I got my 2021 one from, (I’d link to it but it looks like it’s no longer available on the website). My previous one was actually a 17-month planner, and this time around I got a 12-month planner solely for 2022.

I moved all of the stickers from my 2021 planner to my 2022 one; the ones I bought from Redbubble are removable, so I was able to transfer all of them over. I did buy a new one for this year—”There’s always money in the banana stand,” which is from Arrested Development.

Currently, I’m using my planner to keep track of:

  • Appointments (doctor, dentist, hair dresser, etc.)
  • Work from home days
  • Fun plans
  • Daily to-do lists

I mean, it’s normal things you’d use a planner for, but especially now that I’m living on my own, it’s nice to be able to see my month and week at a glance.

For some reason, there have been a lot of random things bouncing around in my head lately, so I also purchased a cute notebook from Amazon to use for things that aren’t necessarily planner-related. I’ve had the notebook for almost a week, and here’s what I’ve been using it for/plan to use it for:

  • 2022 book list
  • 2022 bucket list
  • Weekly goals
  • Things I want to purchase list
  • Shows to watch during the week
  • Any random lists that pop up during the week
  • Brain dumps

I’m going to keep my planner and notebook together since they serve similar purposes: uncluttering my brain and allowing me to put things down on paper. I think having the notebook for brain dumps will definitely help just to clear my mind, and it’ll be cool to look back on both the planner and notebook at the end of the year to see what happened.

Do you use a planner or notebook to keep track of everything in your life?


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