Golden Bloggerz Award

My good blogging friend Bill over at A Silly Place nominated me for the Golden Bloggerz Award! The award was originally started by Chris at Golden Bloggerz. Thanks for the nomination Bill! 🙂


  1. Place the award logo on your blog.
  2. Mention the rules.
  3. Thank whom ever nominated you and place a link to their website.
  4. Mention the awards creator and add a link to that, too.
  5. Tell your audience three things about you.
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
  7. Nominate 10 to 20 people who deserve this award.
  8. Let the nominees know by messaging/commenting on their social media or their blog.
  9. Ask you nominees any five questions that you want.
  10. Share two to three links to your best posts.

Three Things About Me

  1. Back in college, my friends would try to make me laugh until I cried and called it “Breaking Becky.”
  2. I’ve never flown.
  3. I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles, neck, back, really any joint in my body.

Bill’s Questions

1. What is your favorite quotation, and why?

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”
― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

These are the last two sentences of the book. I read it in high school and will admit I used SparkNotes but for some reason, those sentences still stick with me. I can be very sentimental and sometimes talking about things from the past can be a bit sad, like you’d give anything to go back to that time. Because you start missing everything about that time period.

2. Your house is burning down. You, your loved ones and your pets will all get out safely, but you can only take one thing with you. What is it?

My college diplomas.

3. What is something (or someone) you hate, even though you know it’s completely irrational?


4. In 25 words or less, what is your process for writing blog posts?

I sit down and type the words (haha). I try to plan 2 posts per week about things happening to me or things I’m thinking about.

(Also sorry this is 26 words!!!!!)

5. What is the last thing you regretted doing?

Running the other night in Converse and now I think I have shin splints. Yay.

My Nominees

I’m going to break rules and not nominate anyone. Everyone is welcome to answer my questions in the comments!

My Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cozy outfit?
  2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve watched on Netflix?
  3. What is the last text message you sent?
  4. What is your favorite candle scent?
  5. Who is someone you admire?

My Favorite Posts


  1. 1. Uh… I don’t think I have a favorite cozy outfit. Unless I’m just considering what I typically wear whenever I’m sitting around at home? Then it’s just shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy.
    2. It’s been a while, but I’d say the title weirdest thing I’ve watched on Netflix still goes to Abducted in Plain Sight. Tiger King is a close second.
    3. “Could be worse. I could be stuck in the ’80s.”
    4. Sadly, I’m not allowed to have candles in my apartment. It’s in my lease and everything. If I could, I’d probably go with something that smells like some kind of dessert baking in the oven. Apple pie… sugar cookies… fall things…
    5. Keanu Reeves

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    • I still haven’t watched Tiger King haha. At this rate, I’ve lived this long without having watched it, I could probably keep living without ever seeing it.

      My mom got these really nice fall scented candles last year and they’re strong enough that you can smell them without burning them. So I have one with the lid off in my room that I don’t burn but can still smell. That could be an option for you. Or what about a candle warmer that you plug in? You can get a little candle melt and you plug it in and the light melts the candle.

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  2. 1. Leggings with an over-sized hoodie/sweater and fuzzy slippers.
    2. Don’t F*** With Cats; weird, but good
    3. To my mom: “Oh and the other thing I was gonna tell you is that while we were outside trimming the bushes the dogs locked us out of the house again. had to help me climb over the deck again to get back in.” This happened Saturday and this was the second time they’ve done this.
    4. Gingerbread & Caramel from Bath&Body Works. I hope they bring it back this winter. I will go bankrupt if they do, but I’m okay with that.
    5. One of my best friends. Her life story is a doozy, but she is one of the strongest, most resilient women I know. I’m happy to call her my friend.

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  3. 1. My Gap leggings with a vest top, a hoodie and my German socks.
    2. Hmm… I don’t know. Riverdale is getting pretty weird?
    3. A joke about clients who ask for quick and cheap translations.
    4. Evening Fire by Yankee Candles. Sadly, it’s not available anymore… 😥
    5. heavily influenced by recent events and all the stuff I keep reading about her these days, but RBG.

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