Things I Love About Fall

After the many, many 90 degree days we had here in New England, I’m so ready for fall. As much as I enjoy the warm days for hanging out by the pool, the humidity and just gross hot weather isn’t for me. Here are just a few things I love about fall!

All things pumpkin

Yes, I’m that person. I do enjoy pumpkin-flavored things, and pumpkin always reminds me of the fall and gets me in the spirit. I’m excited that I drink coffee now so I can get pumpkin in my coffee, and at the ice cream shop, we always have pumpkin hard ice cream for the fall—although we normally get it in by the end of August.

Baseball + football

Even with COVID, we still get the overlapping of the baseball and football seasons. It gives me more sports to watch, and although neither of my teams are very good this year, hey, it’s sports. I will miss going to football games on campus this fall; none of the fall sports are playing any games this season.

Leaves changing

A great perk of living in New England is seeing the leaves change colors in the fall. I took these photos a few years ago; the middle one is from a hiking trail and it was really pretty to be up there and see out onto the tops of the trees.

Decorating with pumpkins + mums

Every fall, my mom and I go get pumpkins and mums from a local garden center in town. She gets two mums for our house, and we’ll get two big pumpkins to carve that we normally put out for Halloween. I also get a few of the little cute pumpkins for my desk at work—well, this year they’ll be for my desk at home—and we get a funky gourd for my dad’s desk. We also put corn stalks out front, the same corn stalks from the corn we grow over the summer.

Comfy clothes

I’ve definitely embraced all of the comfy clothes since I started working from home in March and I’m excited for legging, hoodie, and fuzzy socks weather. Oh, and tons of blankets.

What are some of your favorite things about fall?


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything pumpkin flavoured.

    Also, it took me a while to realize that “mums” isn’t referring to mothers. Unless it is…? But why would you be picking them out?? Paul is confused.

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