I Might Have a Spreadsheet Problem

I don’t know if it’s obvious yet, but I’m an organized person. And if you’re new here: I’m a very organized person.

So that maybe explains why I currently use four different spreadsheets in my Google drive to organize my life:

  1. My monthly spending
  2. My runs
  3. My blogging calendar

And now…

4. My daily outfits

I started keeping track of my outfits Monday through Friday back in December. My fear was that I wasn’t wearing everything I owned and that I couldn’t remember when I last wore a particular pair of pants. So to calm my anxiety, I created a spreadsheet by week where I type in what I wear in each day’s box. It’s fairly simple; it just relies on me remembering what I call everything I wear. And I only keep track of the work week because all I wear on the weekends is sweatpants/leggings and sports shirts.

I also didn’t want to repeat an outfit too soon after wearing it. You know, like Lizzie McGuire.

Granted, I know that if I can’t remember what someone wore last week, or even the other day, then people aren’t going to remember what I wear. But I want to put my clothes to good use and make sure that I’m actually wearing what I own.

I own a bunch of sweaters that I want to wear when I still can—at this rate with New England weather, that could be until the middle of March. I have a ton of dresses that I can’t wait to wear during the summer, and I hope that by jotting down what I wear every day, I can get into a good rotation with the dresses.

My office is pretty business casual, so I don’t have to be too dressy. My go-to winter outfit is a sweater of some sort and a pair of pixie pants from Old Navy. My outfits for spring and summer consist of flowy tank tops and pixie pants or dresses.

I’ll also make the seasonal switch with my shoes from fall/winter to spring/summer. I have a handful of boots I’ll wear now, and I have a handful of heeled sandals—all from QVC—that I wear in the summer. Plus a bunch of TOMS, flats, and flat sandals. (I also might have a shoe problem. But what girl doesn’t?)

I guess the only question now is—what else can I make a spreadsheet for?

Do you also have an organizational problem? How do you keep track of what you wear on a daily basis?


  1. Right now for work I’m very casual. Like I can wear whatever I want as long as I look presentable in case I have to go out but I’m usually in the kitchen or doing laundry or playing with the kids so it has to be comfy and functional for all of that. I’m also pretty lazy in that I haven’t been putting away my clothes after I wash them lol so my clothes basket has about 2 weeks worth of clean laundry and anything in my closet hasn’t been worn in that time so I know it’s a good rotation to keep haha!!!! Not the best system

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  2. I looove spreadsheets! I have a budget spreadsheet, a blogging spreadsheet, a reading spreadsheet, a credit card spreadsheet, and when applicable I also had job application spreadsheets and apartment hunting spreadsheets. Basically, if something is making me nervous, I have a spreadsheet for it.

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  3. I love that I’ve thought of doing this and you’ve actually done it. Makes me feel not as OCD lol
    I try not to wear the same thing for 2 work weeks, but sometimes I might wear a cardigan with a different shirt under it or something like that during the winter, and pair with different shoes so it’s not the EXACT outfit.
    My husband on the other hand could care less… I have tried to make him more aware that he cannot wear the same shirt on a Friday that he wears on the next Monday or Tuesday… Men…. I wash clothes on Sunday’s, so I for sure never wear the same thing in a work week.

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