Desk Tour

I’m not really sure how interesting this will be, but I thought I’d share where I spend most of my time—whether I’m at home or at work!

Work Desk

I’ve posted pictures of my entire office before (here and here) but here is just my little work station. There are drawers to my left (you can see a little bit of the top drawer), and in those are papers, notepads, tape, normal office stuff, etc. Not pictured are another set of drawers in the back to the right where all of my seasonal office decorations live.

Using a Mac was quite a learning curve for me, but it’s really grown on me. I normally have a bunch of windows open, and I like the ability to have “hot corners” where I drag my mouse to the lower right-hand corner and I can see all of the windows that are open. And I try to be good about remembering to charge my keyboard and mouse.

I always have my water bottle with me and in the morning I bring a travel mug of tea with me. If I’m feeling an afternoon tea, I have a mug from one of my friends that I’ll use. My grandmother made the coaster my bottle and mug are sitting on; it’s made from baseball fabric. In the back you can see a box of candy canes; there’s also a mason jar full of Hersey kisses there, too. You have to have desk snacks.

To the right is your normal run of the mill office supplies and container of almonds. The post-its on the bottom of my monitor include notes to myself and a list of image dimensions for the website. My headphones are plugged into the back of my monitor because I always listen to podcasts, and I gotta have my chapstick.

In the back, you can see one of two chairs I have in my office. The other one isn’t pictured and sits next to my door. I don’t get too many visitors, but most people tend to sit in the one that’s by the door and pull it over to my desk.

This is the third desk I’ve had between both of my jobs. At my old job, we were originally in cubicles—which I liked—and then we moved out to the front of the building and were in more of an open space—which I didn’t like, and I couldn’t hang up most of my decorations. That’s why I’m happy to have an office with a door and walls. I only shut my door all the way if I really need to get something done or I’m on the phone.

Home Desk

I first got this when I commuted and lived at home during my freshman year of college. I didn’t have a desk prior, and it made sense to get one since I would be doing my homework at home—and would need some space to get it all done. It also worked out when I was in grad school and would do homework at home; if I really needed to get reading done or get a start on a paper, I’d go to the town library.

It’s nothing glamorous or too organized—I guess perks of living in my childhood bedroom—but this is where I sit and write. While I was on break after Christmas, I did a purge and cleaned out some of the stuff on the shelves and in the two sections on the lower right. (The top door opens to the right, and the bottom pulls out as a drawer.)

The very top shelf in the middle holds various glasses, a few signs, my baseball and shot glass collections, and my two 5k race medals are in glasses behind the stand that holds the baseballs. In the two shelves below that, the one on the left holds all of my medications and the one on the right holds thank you cards, post-its, and a few small pads of paper. The two shelves in the upper right also hold various glasses, pictures, and cards I’ve received throughout the year. The lower sections on the right both hold miscellaneous items that need homes, oh, and, my tea collection. The middle drawer—the one that pulls out for a keyboard—holds a few notebooks and important papers I need easy access to.

(In the picture on the left, the little cat tray is actually a ring tray! My mom got it for me for Christmas, and I think it’s the cutest thing ever.)

Sometimes I feel like I’m bursting at the seams in my room—especially when it comes to my clothes—but it’s just something I’ll have to deal with while I’m living at home. My room doesn’t feel “too childish” because I re-did it while I was in college, painting the walls and I got a new bedspread. There’s really no “theme” to my room—it’s mostly just whatever I have thrown together in the space. I don’t mind it. I’ll just have to do a few purges throughout the year.

How many work spaces do you have? What do they look like?


  1. I love it! I’ve always dreamed of having my own office, she shed , me time space. I’ve been thinking of turning our spare bedroom into one one day.

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  2. I liked this post a lot! I think it’s fun to see how people organize their desks, especially at work. I have a coworker who’s desk is so neat and cute haha.

    I only have one work space. Our apartment is definitely too small for a desk, so I’ll normally just work on stuff on the couch or at the kitchen table.

    At work I have a pretty messy desk. I feel like it’s clean and organized for a day and then my notes and to-do lists are everywhere. I do have a few little candy jars, some pictures of coworkers at I at events, a smiley face mug, and this adorable little corgi figure from one of my coworkers to make my desk fun. Otherwise it’s just papers, monitors, and random stuff 😂

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    • I’m weirdly obsessed with other people’s desks and offices. It’s a place to show your personality, and I think you have to feel comfortable in there since you’re spending eight hours there a day.

      There are some days when my notes end up all over but I try to get everything organized by the end of the day. My fear is that I’ll lose something or forget about something I had to do. I have a second desktop set up on my computer with those “sticky notes” and keep track of upcoming projects. Awh the little corgi sounds cute!

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  3. I love your workspaces! I’ve been meaning to clean up both my home and work desks, I somehow feel so much less productive surrounded by clutter. This is giving me inspiration, maybe I’ll make a similar post after I fix up mine. 🙂

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