Where I Buy My Clothes

By no means am I a fashion blogger. I’m more of a yells-into-an-abyss-about-sports blogger. But I figured it was worth sharing a few outfits that I’ve worn in the last month or so.

My workplace is business casual, so I don’t have to get too dressed up. I’ve amassed a collection of pixie pants from Old Navy over the last few years and have pretty close to a rainbow in them. I mostly shop at Old Navy, but I also get clothes from Target, Marshall’s, and occasionally Kohl’s, although it can be hit or miss for me. Also Wal-Mart has some cute stuff? Which is unexpected. But I’ve found some tops and dresses there.

Coral top—Forever 21

Black sweater—Wal-Mart

Leopard-patterned pixie pants—Old Navy

Black booties—Kohl’s

Chambray button-up—Old Navy

Orange and white polka dot sweater—Old Navy

Navy pixie pants—Old Navy

Tan booties—Kohl’s

Gray elbow-length shirt—Kohl’s

Pink and black striped sweater—Charlotte Russe (it’s from years ago)

Light blue pixie pants—Old Navy

Black booties—Kohl’s

Navy and white striped top—Wal-Mart (it was $10!)

Yellow jeggings—Wal-Mart

Brown riding boots—DSW

Necklace—Forever 21

Gray button-up—Old Navy

White cardigan—QVC

Blue pixie pants—Old Navy

Red booties—QVC

Getting dressed for the winter is a struggle because I have to match tops and pants. I dressing for summer because I just wear dresses and a denim jacket all the time. 

What’s your every day or work apparel like? 


      • Ok so in the first photo, the TV is on and the blinds are closed, while there is a purple (grape?) bag on the floor and something on your left that is leaning against a shelf or something. I’m guessing it’s an umbrella but it might not be. Please verify.

        In the second photo, the TV is off and the blinds are open while the purple (grape?) bag has been replaced by a pair of shoes and that maybe “umbrella or maybe not umbrella” is still next to you but not as prevalent.

        In the third photo, nothing has changed with the TV or blinds since Photo #2 but the shoes are gone and the “umbrella or maybe not umbrella” has vanished.

        In the fourth photo, the TV is still off and blinds still open and nothing is on the floor behind you, while that “umbrella or maybe not umbrella” has now revealed itself to be…I’m not quite sure, but zippers are involved.

        In all four photos, you’re standing on the same tiles and block out the same amount of the frame on the wall behind you.

        That is my forensic analysis.

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      • Hahaha you definitely have too much time on your hands. The purple bag is my maroon purse that normally lives on the floor in front of my dresser. It’s also where I keep most of the shoes I wear for the week (I just come home and kick them off and a pile appears), so that’s why you see a pair of white converse.

        The “umbrella” isn’t an umbrella at all: it’s my gym bag hanging on the doorknob of my closet (it has flamingos on it). My closet is directly behind the door to my room, which my mirror hangs on the back of. It’s a small bag with a lot of zippers/compartments, and I hang it there because I don’t have enough room in my closet for it. I also normally hang two crossbody bags on that doorknob too. (You can see the brown bag hanging there in the third picture when you can’t see my gym bag.)

        I would have given you bonus points if you could have figured out what show was on my TV in the first picture haha.

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      • It’s MSNBC on TV isn’t it? Coulda told you that with my eyes closed lol

        Ohhhh a gym bag, of course. I was going to say backpack but it had different compartments and confused me. I figured whatever it was, was probably hanging on a closet doorknob, but didn’t want to commit to that guess.

        Are you sure it’s maroon?

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  1. Aww very cute!! I love finding cute clothes at Walmart – for some reason it’s like so fun to watch the shock on people’s faces when they compliment it and I go “ It’s from Walmart! And was like $15!” Haha it’s great!

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    • Haha same! Sometimes it’s hit or miss at Walmart but they do have some cute stuff. I also do the whole “It was only X dollars at Marshall’s!” thing because I’ve found some inexpensive but nice things at Marshall’s.

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      • totally random: went into my first marshall’s today haha! It had some great things! I had to keep telling myself “I’m not shopping for myself” because I was helping my brother pick something out for my mom

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      • Yay! I’m glad you went to Marshall’s. I really like it, but my mom thinks they’re not all that organized. I can normally find some nice clothes there for work, and I’m obsessed with all of the mugs they have. That’s why I have such a big mug collection.

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      • Hehe they are basically the exact same thing as Winners so it wasn’t too much of a few experience but it was cool! I would buy all the mugs if I could hehe

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      • My mug problem got so bad that my dad (who does woodworking) made me a shelf for all of my mugs. They were all on my desk but I was running out of room, so I now have a little shelving unit on my wall with all of my mugs haha.

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  2. I always wear the pixie pants from Old Navy! They are so comfy and really inexpensive. I usually just wear boots and a sweater since it’s winter. But in the summer I’m always in dresses! I like Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom, and TJ Maxx for my work clothes! And regular clothes hahaha

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    • I think we’re the same person when it comes to clothes haha. I absolutely love the pixie pants, and I like that they come in a bunch of colors. I have a lot of the bright colored ones but a few neutral ones too. I can’t wait until spring/summer when I can just wear dresses and call it a day because I don’t have to match everything together.

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    • I know this will make me sound like a bad Sox fan, but Pedey used to be my favorite when he first came up and now he’s not as much. Maybe it’s because he didn’t play this season (aside from three games in the beginning). He’s a great, scrappy little player, but I like a lot of the younger players. I’m assuming the Sox assume Pedey will be healthy enough to play second next season? If not, they have Brock Holt who can play second, and they didn’t re-sign Kinsler, who signed with the Padres.

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