Seven Books I Own

Over on Twitter, No Love for Fatties tagged me to share covers of seven books that I enjoy with no explanations or reviews. Well, here I am now, sharing them with explanations and reviews.

The Great Cover-Up

So this is a little known secret but I have a weird obsession with Watergate. It’s been a thing since high school, and I’ve used this book to write a few papers: one during my junior year of high school, one during my freshman year of college, and one for my ethics class in grad school. The inside of this book is littered with post-it notes and a running list of everyone who was mentioned and color-coded as to who they are (ie: FBI, government, part of the administration, etc.)

You Are a Badass

I bought this book six months after graduation because I felt lost in life. I marked it up as I read it, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little guidance or help figuring out what they’re doing. I might pull it out again soon just to reread it.

Something Borrowed

This was my favorite book for a while. I’ve read other books by Emily Giffin, but I think this is my favorite of hers. (The One and Only is my second favorite by her but the ending is a little weird.) Something Borrowed was made into a movie, and it’s not bad. I’ll watch it if it’s on. This is a good romance/chick-lit option if you’re looking for something along those lines.

The Art of Fielding

This is currently my favorite book. It’s a baseball book but not a book about baseball, if that makes sense. I think there’s a good mix of baseball and non-baseball things, as the book follows five characters who are intertwined with each other’s lives. It’s also what I consider a good dense book; there’s enough description that you really get what’s going on but not too much that it’s boring.

The Baseball Codes

This is one of two books I own about the unwritten rules of baseball. Which is kind of ironic since the “unwritten rules” are written down. Upon further inspection of this book, I found two post-it notes: one with hours for March 14—obviously for a long ago shift at the ice cream shop—and the second about a third-ish way into the book, actually used as a bookmark. Now that I’ve unearthed the book again, I’d like to read it, but the small text is a little intimidating.

The Catcher in the Rye

I have a weird relationship with this book. I read it in tenth grade in high school, and I remember reading most of it but being annoyed with the narrator’s style of speaking so I Spark-noted the rest of the book. My alltime favorite book quote, though, is in this book, so I feel obligated to read it again.

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”


Similar to the Watergate book, my copy of Moneyball has been used to write papers and is full of post-it notes. I really like this book, and I also really like the movie. I can quote most of it as I’m watching it, and the end makes me cry for some reason. This is a good all-around baseball book. (But I don’t think it’ll explain why Manny Machado is getting $30 million a year.)

What are some of the favorite books you own?

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  1. One of the best lines I’ve ever heard on a baseball broadcast is when Nomar and Mark Mulder were both working for ESPN. I think Nomar was in the booth and Mulder was in the studio, and they got talking about “Moneyball” somehow, and Nomar fired off the line, “There were no pitchers in ‘Moneyball,’” which was a great dig at both Mulder (jokingly) and the book, because Michael Lewis somehow managed to point out how the A’s got so good without hardly mentioning their three young stud pitchers!

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  2. I have heard so many people rave about “You Are a Badass”. I definitely need to read that one! I have a lot of books that I love. Most are random business books, but “To Sell Is Human” and “Where Am I Giving” are a couple favorites. I wish I kept all of the books I read throughout middle school and high school. I feel like they were some of the best books ever, at least from what I remember haha.

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