Condo Chronicles: Gallery Wall

Here’s my latest condo project! I got inspiration from this post on The Stripe about a gallery wall, which I thought would be great on a little wall in my office. In the fall I had done some work in the office, patching up random holes and re-hanging some things. The wall in question is to the left of my desk and part of the closet, so it’s narrow but I wanted to do something cool there.

I spent part of an afternoon looking at items online and ended up on two of my favorite places: Etsy and Target. I took advice from that post about mixing up the items, so I looked for a felt pennant along with small shelves.

Things I purchased:

I had a few things already that I knew I could add to the wall. As I was looking at items before I ordered them (thankfully everything from Target was on sale), I drew a really rough sketch of the wall with measurements and how I wanted to hang everything up.

I thought I’d be able to do it myself, but the shelves I bought looked tricky to hang up, so I asked my dad if he could come over and help. He said yes, and my mom tagged along—she just likes to lay on my couch.

We used the diagram I drew up, which was super helpful, and only struggled with the shelves. My dad did one and then had me hang the other one so I could do something similar in the future.

The items I already had:

The hanging four frames on the other wall were a Christmas gift from Josh with selfies of us on our first few adventures together.

I’m really happy with how it came out and that it came out just like I was picturing it. This will be the last wall-related project in my office; I want to keep the big wall blank. I have other ideas for furniture, like getting a reading chair or a new lamp, but we’ll see. I like to take my time decorating so I don’t rush anything or end up with something I hate.


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