Day Eight of Nine

As I write this post, I’m 100% convinced my entire brain is mush and my last few remaining brain cells are working really hard to keep me going through the day. I mean, I almost put my yogurt granola in my tea this morning, so…

I’m on day eight of working nine days in a row because, well: welcome to mid-May in higher education. This past weekend was Commencement weekend, our first in-person one since 2019. So it’s safe to say I was a bit rusty and because of COVID and no sense of time anymore, I forgot how to work a Commencement weekend.

My responsibilities for the week leading up to and during the weekend were all social media-related, as that’s half of my job. Thankfully I had old posts from 2019 and even last year to look back on to see what I had done previously; I took those and re-worked a lot of them for this year, so I wasn’t completely starting from scratch. I spent a solid day finishing up the copy, making graphics, and scheduling out all of the posts that I could, knowing that there were others I’d be posting in real-time. And because I am who I am, I mapped out a game plan for capturing content and posting for both Saturday and Sunday; the undergraduate ceremony was Saturday and the graduate ceremony was Sunday.

As much as I wanted to look back on 2019 as an example of a real Commencement weekend, I couldn’t because we had two additional factors for the weekend: COVID and 90+ degree weather. Our ceremonies are inside, thankfully, but with thousands of people inside, we weren’t sure what the temperature would be. I wore my mask the whole time I was inside and only took it off outside when I wasn’t around a ton of people. They had a ton of extra water on hand for everyone, and I packed two water bottles from home each day to bring with me.

I also very much dressed for the weather:

I didn’t intentionally buy the hat for this past weekend, but it ended up working out really well to keep my face from getting sunburned when I was outside. Plus everyone I saw seemed to love it. For the most part, I wasn’t too hot but still felt gross/sweaty and immediately showered once I got home both days.

A lot of people in my department took today off but since I’m only working today and tomorrow, I worked from home today and will go into the office tomorrow before I’m off for six days and going on my trip! It feels like such a relief to be done with the weekend and that I was able to stay safe both on the COVID and heat fronts.

And to top everything off, I came home to this at my door yesterday from Josh: an early birthday/you survived the weekend gift. He came over last night after dinner and it was just nice to hang out with him and watch TV and had a few well-deserved beers.

I’m hanging out today and doing a few chores around the condo and preparing for my freedom tomorrow starting at 4:30 p.m.!


  1. […] I worked nine days in a row—because of commencement weekend—before I had six days off and my trip to Cooperstown, NY. My birthday was May 25 and was the start of my vacation, so I treated myself to a shopping trip. I stopped by the Dollar Store to get new door hangers for my front door (picture on the left) and then, of course, had to go to Target (picture on the right); my parents got me a gift card as an early birthday gift so I got a t-shirt dress (in the picture it’s folded under so it’d fit in the picture, it hits at about my knees when I’m wearing it), earrings, a book, a clock for my nightstand, and wooden stars to go on my tv stand. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading outside before meeting my parents for dinner since my mom and I share the same birthday. I went back home with them for gifts and dessert and played with the pups for a little while. […]


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