Packing for Cooperstown, NY

Folks, we are EIGHT days away from my trip to Cooperstown, NY. And eight days for Josh to realize his mistake of bringing me to the Baseball Hall of Fame. (He doesn’t know what he’s in for.)

In very unlike Becky fashion, I have waited until this week to start making my packing list. I’ve known about this trip since the end of March, so you would have thought I’d already have a list going. Nope. I instead wait until the busiest time of the month—Commencement week at work—to make it. Cue “This is fine” meme with the dog sitting in a fire.

I did purchase a few things once I found out we were going on the trip:

My mom keeps joking that I’m going to pack basically everything I own to bring with me while Josh will just have one bag for himself. I’m attempting to prove her wrong and only use the weekend bag, toiletry bag, and a small suitcase that I also have.

I also bought these sneakers to wear when we’re walking around. The sneakers I already own are either Converse or athletic/old running sneakers, so I wanted a pair of cute yet comfy sneakers to wear. I went to DSW to try them on to make sure they would work, and I ended up going up a half size to a 7.5 for a little bit of extra room in the toe area. I’ve worn them out already a few times and so far, so good.

I’ve worked out a rough draft of a list in the past day or so, mostly the daily essentials; I mentally went through my morning and night routines and listed everything I use. Plus I had Josh look at it and he provided a few suggestions from his travel knowledge.

I’m going to wait until next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, to actually pack my clothes because the weather can change between now and then. I’ve plotted out the places we’re going to when we’re there in case I want to change outfits between places; for example, when we drive up on Thursday I’ll wear comfy clothes but then change when we go out for dinner. I took next Wednesday off—I refuse to work on my birthday—and we’re not leaving until early Thursday afternoon, so I’ll have some time for last-minute packing.

I had been a bit nervous at first thinking about this trip (and our other trip to Maine in June) but as we’ve gotten closer to it, I’m getting more excited. Now that I have my list going, I feel better, plus if I forget something major, I’m sure we could find a local CVS or pharmacy to buy it.

I’m just really looking forward to getting away for a few days and getting to nerd out at the Hall of Fame. It really means a lot to me that Josh wants to bring me there for my birthday. Plus, we’ve been working on a collaborative Spotify playlist to listen to on the drive there and back.


  1. You’ll have to tell me how you like your toiletries bag. The one I have has a busted zipper (that happened after the second time using it…) and I think I’m ready to replace it.

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    • I will! It seemed to get good reviews on Amazon and I won’t need it for a ton of stuff but figured getting one would help me keep my health and beauty stuff together.

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  2. Yay! Have you been to Cooperstown before? My boyfriend and I went around this time last year and had so much fun. I was surprised by how small the town itself was, but the HoF was a good time. Highly recommend the Ommegang brewery as well!

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    • I went to the Hall of Fame with my parents in 2008 but I don’t really remember too much from the trip, so I’m excited to go again. I looked at Ommegang in my research but we’re going to Red Shed Brewery instead because they’re open later for food.

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