28 Reasons Why I Don’t Feel Like an Adult

This post is in honor of my 28th birthday today! (Although I refuse to accept my previous COVID birthdays so I’m really still 25 if anyone asks.) I knew I wanted to do some sort of list as a post but didn’t want to do the typical X things I’ve learned by 28. So I consulted Paul, saying I wanted to do something random and fun, to which he replied, “You’ve come to the right place.”

I’ve spent the last week or so working on this list, and for some reason, a lot of it came pretty easily to me. So I think that means I’m really not an adult yet.

1. I still sit down on the floor to put my shoes on.

2. I don’t know how to order a fancy drink at a bar.

3. I don’t know what my 403(b) stands for. (It sounds like a backward bingo number, to be honest.)

4. I compulsively check my door at night to make sure it’s locked.

5. I don’t buy wine that’s over $10.

6. When I get x-rays done at the dentist, they have to use the little x-ray things for kids because my mouth is so small.

7. I often make what I call “The Lunch of Champions” which is dino chicken nuggets and tater tots.

8. Follow up: the only chicken nuggets I’ll eat are dino chicken nuggets.

9. I don’t know how to use my dishwasher.

10. I don’t own a bar cart.

11. I find the numbers on the thermostat to be arbitrary and I don’t actually know what they mean.

12. Follow up: so I call my dad a lot to ask what the temperature the heat or air needs to be set to.

13. I have absolutely no interest in doing any form of yard work.

14. I lived at home until age 27.

15. I hate calling anyone on the phone.

16. I haven’t hosted a dinner party nor do I actually want to.

17. I use my mom’s phone number/CVS account whenever I pick up my prescriptions.

18. I haven’t been to a wedding in 10 years and no one I really know is getting married now.

19. I’ll still sing songs from High School Musical very loudly and off-key.

20. I don’t have a five-year plan or any big career goals at the moment.

21. I’ve never really kept a plant alive.

22. I still only shop at Target, Old Navy, or Walmart for most things.

23. My dad helps me with my taxes.

24. I still sleep with stuffed animals.

25. I have nightlights set up around my condo.

26. When I lived at home, I’d run up the basement stairs every single time.

27. I don’t need space to entertain like everyone on HGTV seems to need.

28. I don’t have an internal alarm clock to wake me up, and I hit snooze at least twice.

This past year for me was about starting a new chapter in my life, which included buying a condo, moving out of my parents, and having a boyfriend. I was able to have some fun along the way but also take time for myself to enjoy my own space. I’m hoping for more fun, adventures, and relaxation for the upcoming year and being able to share all of those moments with you folks on here.

Since I share my birthday with my mom, I’ll be heading home later today to have dinner with my parents and hang out before leaving for Cooperstown tomorrow with Josh!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Seeing as identify with many items on your list, I guess that makes me a not-so-audlty 30 year old, and I’m okay with that! I eat my dino nuggets in salads. 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday, Becky. Great list. I’m a lot older than you and I don’t have a bar cart, don’t host dinner parties and still shop at Target so maybe I’m not an adult either?

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  3. This is a really good list, you did good! I kinda want you to send me a picture of your thermostat just so I can see how confusing it looks. Don’t worry, I won’t try to explain what the numbers means.

    Running up the basement stairs brought back some memories, oh man. Definitely used to do that too.

    Next year you can go through this list and see if they’re all still true haha

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