Afternoon Trip to Glastonbury, CT + Hartford, CT

Similar to how Josh and I did our trip to West Hartford in the fall, we planned another afternoon trip for this month since he has Thursdays off and I had a floating holiday to use from Presidents’ Day. I forget how we ended up on deciding to go to central CT, but it turned out to be a pretty fun trip yesterday.

Our first stop was River Bend Bookshop in Glastonbury. After going to Raven Used Books and the Book Barn last year, I’m obsessed with used book stores and little bookshops. River Bend is an independent bookstore, and I had originally found them on Instagram. It’s about a half hour from where I live and not too far from Hartford—which was going to be our end goal of the day—so it was our first stop on our afternoon trip.

It’s small inside but super cute. They really utilize every nook and cranny. We were greeted when we walked in, and the employees were excited this was our first time there. And Josh, being the good blog boyfriend that he is, snuck these pictures of me while we were in the shop.

I told Josh to only let me get 2 books at the bookshop; if I ever picked up 3, he was responsible for making me put one back. These are the 2 I settled on, and I got a magnet, too, for my fridge.

I’ve heard really good things about The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and I read the first Finlay Donovan book last summer and loved it, so I picked up Finlay Donovan Knocks ’em Dead.

Our next stop was Hartford Prints in downtown Hartford, another shop I originally found on Instagram. The street the shop is located on, Pratt Street, recently was shut down to cars so that the restaurants could have outdoor dining—similar to other places as a result of the pandemic. The shop was small but had so many cute gifts and products.

Here’s what I got: a Connecticut ball cap and a cat-shaped trinket tray. I like wearing ball caps in the summer—as an excuse to not do my hair—and I’ve put the little tray on the teal end table in my living room.

Since we had some time to kill before dinner, we walked around Bushnell Park. This arch is iconic when it comes to the Hartford Marathon since the race finishes there.

The park is next to the state capitol, which is the building below.

Obviously, since it’s February in New England, all of the trees are bare and nothing looks super pretty, but I’m sure it’s a great place to walk around in the spring or the fall when the leaves change color.

Our plans for dinner were to go to Parkville Market. It was both of our first times going there, and we were excited that there we so many different food vendors.

We planned out the morning of what we were thinking about getting since we wanted to get food from a few different vendors. Here’s what we ended up with:

Josh got the mac daddy and I got the sliders, and we split the pickles and the truffle parm fries. Everything was really good, and we’re glad we got food from a few different places to try them out.

We sat up on the second floor in a little room that had a wooden table with benches. There was seating on the main floor where the vendors were, but we wanted to be some place a bit quieter.

Our last stop was Hog River Brewing, which was a short walk away from Parkville Market. Since this was our first time there, we decided to each get flights.

They were doing trivia, which we didn’t officially participate in, but stayed for the first few rounds and whispered the answers to each other.

We both really enjoyed the trip as a whole and hope to plan more afternoon trips this year around CT and MA 🙂


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