My Answers To Your Questions!

I asked you guys for some questions last week, and here are my answers! 🙂

T’s Question

How do you pick books at the library?!
And will you also just pick all my future reads from now until forever because I love your suggestions haha

There are a few ways how I create my to be read list. One is by following bookstagram accounts on Instagram; people post about new books and book reviews, and that’s where I get most of my books from, at least the new or soon to be released books. I’ll save those posts in my Saved folder on Instagram so I can reference them later. Another way is that I’m signed up for a few newsletters from book publishers and (which is a great website to buy books from that supports local bookstores). That’s another way to keep track of new releases. A third is Goodreads and looking through some of the lists that are already created on there.

I go to the library every three weeks when my books are due back, so the day before or day of, I’ll sit down and log into my town library’s catalog. I’ll reference those saved Instagram posts or my to be read list on Goodreads and search the library catalog to see if A. the library even has the book, and B. if it’s not checked out already. So I’ll go into the library with a list of books I’m already looking for but sometimes I’ll just happen upon a few on the shelves.

And yes, I can always send you more book recs! I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed the books I’ve suggested.

Aaron’s Question

I’ll follow up on T’s book-related question… How do you read so many books so quickly? I mean, I’m certain I’m not making enough time in my schedule to read, but is there a trick? Teach me your ways.

I don’t think there’s necessarily a trick but I definitely make time for it in my life and in my schedule. Reading is one way that I relax or wind down after the day, so it’s something I look forward to. I’ve also recently started reading two books at a time, so I’m able to read a little bit more. Plus I get 95% of my books from the library. I find that if I’m reading a book I don’t like, I don’t feel as bad about not finishing it because I just return it to the library. I’m more likely to

Hayley’s Questions

Why did you start blogging and how do you come up with ideas about what to write about?

I started Strikeouts + Sprinkles during my junior year of college (here’s my first ever post!). I was introduced to WordPress as a blogging platform in two of my classes: Sports Journalism and Writing for the Web. I thought that having my own blog that wasn’t class-related would be a good outlet for me to just write about things that were happening to me or a place to put my thoughts. I sort of fell off after I graduated college but picked it back up in 2018 more seriously.

A lot of my ideas come from things I’m doing in my real life. Obviously with COVID, I haven’t been going on too many adventures, but I’m hoping to get back to doing new things soon. Some of my other post ideas are sports-related, thus my “Becky Yells About Sports” category. I’ll also just write about random things that I think others will relate to, like when I asked if people use the drive-thru or just walk-in to places or how they sleep.

The one thing I like about having my own blog is that I can write about whatever I want and I have total control over the content. I view S+S as an extension of who I am because the things I write about on here are things I talk about in my life

Bill’s Question

If Mookie Betts walked into your ice cream shop, into which flavor would you plotz face-first?

Our ice cream freezer cases are in the back of the shop, so in order for me to plotz into one of the tubs, I’d have to be in the back already making a cone and someone would have to go, “Mookie Betts is here!!!!” Technicalities aside, the flavor would probably have to moose tracks because it’s one of my favorites.

Paul’s Questions

What is a skill or ability you wish you possessed?

The ability to do math in my head. As you’ll see in my answer a few down, math is not my strong suit.

What do you wish you knew 10 years ago?

Don’t major in accounting in college, don’t worry so much about having a boyfriend, running will become a hobby of yours, things are going to turn out okay, and there will be a global pandemic in 2020—so be prepared.

In the video montage of your life, what song(s) would play in the background?

For some reason the only song that’s coming to mind is “Long Live” by Taylor Swift and I associate it with my time as being the baseball manager in high school. So for a video montage at least of that part of my life, I’d definitely want that song playing in the background.

What was your least favourite class in high school?

Pre-calculus. Absolutely hated it because I was so terrible at it. Geometry was probably a close second least favorite class. In both of those classes, I got a final grade of a C—my only two Cs in high school. I just couldn’t grasp the concepts and I would go for extra help with the teachers but nothing was sticking. I just accepted it and moved on. I knew I wasn’t going to ever do anything math-related so I figured I’d cut my loses then and find something I was actually good at.

You’re given $10 to buy lunch. Where do you go and what do you get?

I’m going to a local panini place and I’m getting the turkey club panini which has shaved turkey, crumbled bacon, mayo, American cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. I’ll get no red onions and have them add pickles.

Instead of, “I hope this email finds you well”, what are some email starter alternatives you would suggest?

“What number cup of coffee are you currently drinking?”

“Oh hey it’s me again.”

“Just what you want: another email!”

“Hope you had a nice weekend!”

“How ’bout them Sox?”

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t start this email with ‘I hope this email finds you well!’?”

If your best friend was a well-known celebrity, would that make you uncomfortable?

It depends what they’re a well-known celebrity for and how involved I would be in their public life. Like I don’t know if I could do public appearances or stuff like that but if they had the time, I’d probably still want to hang out with them in a low-key situation.

Rosie’s Question

What’s your biggest advice to someone who wants to start running more?

Running sucks 😅 But it’s something you can do for fun and to stay in shape and it doesn’t have to be serious. If you really want to become a runner, invest in some good running shoes. The downside is that they can be expensive, but it’ll hurt your feet if you have the wrong shoes. Also start out small. It’s totally okay to mix in some walking as you’re running and give yourself time to build up your mileage. Don’t go out thinking you can run 5 miles; start with 1-1.5 miles and gradually work your way up.


  1. The turkey club you described if basically what I used to get at school, plus/minus a few ingredients. Now I recreate it at home but on a toasted bagel.

    I can do math in my head and always thought it was one of my better subjects until I got a 57 in Grade 11. Every test felt like it was in a different language. Thank you for reminding me of this bad memory (hmm I guess I asked the question, so it’s actually my fault…)

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  2. I was thinking about it and it’s so weird that I’ve never asked you about your blogging journey before now! It’s funny how many of us were introduced to WordPress through a college class. Mine was Freshman English and I’m so happy that I took that class.

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