If We Were Having Tea


October went by so fast but last week felt like the longest week ever. I’m still working from home and I’m feeling some fatigue and also just some frustration about the pandemic. There are two highlights of the month, though: my parents and I voted via absentee ballot and I got a promotion at work!

My weird pandemic dreams haven’t slowed down at all, and I think my coffee intake has increased—a lot. I also bought a planner for 2021—which I guess some could consider incredibly optimistic—and got a new laptop that I’m obsessed with. (I’ll have a post about that next week.)


I did virtual 10K and 5K races earlier this month and was proud of the fact that I ran the entire 5K without stopping. I don’t have any more virtual races for the year, and to be honest, I don’t know if there will be any in-person races in the beginning of next year.

My running has decreased quite a bit; I’m running once a week instead of 3 times. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s getting colder or that I’m just not feeling like running. I’m trying to listen to my body and not force myself to go running if I don’t want to. There are times when I’m itching to go running, and those runs normally turn out pretty good. But I don’t want to feel discouraged after a bad run or making myself go when I really didn’t want to.

My plan going forward to is to run once during the week and once on the weekend if it’s nice out. I’m not going to go running in sub-freezing temps but if it’s a nice, sunny winter day I’ll go out.


If you’d like my thoughts on Game 6 of the World Series, you can read them in all of their big font glory here.

In NFL-related news, I’m seriously considering dropping out of my fantasy football league because my team is a complete joke. It’s getting embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as the tumble Daniel Jones took while running with the ball in the Giants/Eagles game the other week. Like I’m not good at running but I think I’d be able to make it down the field while holding a ball to score a touchdown. I might need oxygen after, but I wouldn’t fall at the 20 yard line.

ALSO apparently there was a video floating around the internet of Jones and Saquon Barkley—who is OUT FOR THE SEASON WITH A TORN ACL—out partying MASKLESS at a bar. DURING A PANDEMIC.


What I’m Watching


  • Dr. 90210
  • Catfish
  • Filthy Rich
  • The Good Place (series finale)
  • Schitt’s Creek (last half of season 5 😭)
  • The Bradshaw Bunch
  • A Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • The FBI Declassified


  • American Murder: The Family Next Door
  • Deaf U (S1)
  • The West Wing (S4E5)
  • Ratched (S1E1-S1E7)
  • The Unicorn (S1E1-S1E9)
  • Queer Eye (S5E7)

What I’m Reading

  • On Beauty by Zadie Smith: 4 stars
  • Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman: 4 stars
  • Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney of President Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen: 4 stars
  • My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry: 2 stars
  • The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: 5 stars
  • I Have Something to Tell You by Chasten Buttigieg: 5 stars
  • Privilege by Mary Adkins: 4 stars
  • The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis: currently reading
  • Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa: currently reading
  • Afterlife by Julia Alvarez: currently reading

I DNF’d like 3 books this month, so that’s why my reading total is a bit low BUT I hit my reading goal of 65 books for the year! 🎉

My Questions For You!

  1. How was your October? (I know I’m a day early haha)
  2. Are you doing anything for Halloween?
  3. What was the highlight of your October?
  4. Are you looking forward to anything in November?


  1. Becky…you’re only joking about quitting the league, right? Becky. Becky, you’re joking right? Becky. Becky! It’s a joke right?? (I don’t know why I wrote this as if you were running away down a hallway and I couldn’t keep up, but just go with it)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I do! I’ll sometimes read one at night before bed and another during the day but I try to make sure they’re pretty different books or else I’ll confuse the story lines haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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