Five TV Shows to Get to Know Me

My good friend Bill, over at A Silly Place, tagged me in a post on Twitter asking for “five TV shows to get to know me.” I did reply, but I wanted to explain a little bit more in a post because I get unlimited characters here versus just 280 on Twitter.

Law & Order SVU

I don’t remember really watching this show prior to college, but I’ve seen basically every episode of its 21 seasons??? I started watching it live during college—like I’d stay up to watch new episodes or watch it on Hulu before it became a subscription service—and I now record new episodes with my DVR because there’s no way I’m staying up until 10:00 p.m. I used to watch all of the marathons on USA Network while doing homework, so maybe that’s how I ended up watching most of the episodes.

This show is always just reliable to me. Most people I know don’t watch this show, so maybe my obsession will count for me and them. There’s just something about this show, and I’m so happy that Olivia Benson has climbed the ranks over the years to Captain Benson now.

I’ve seen characters come and go, but one thing will always stay the same: Ice T. Watch this John Mulaney skit if you haven’t, and if you have, watch it again. It’s one of my favorites.


This show started in 2003, and I started watching it in elementary school. My dad would let me watch like the first 10 minutes of the new episode before I had to go to bed. (Granted, not much as really changed now, as I’d gladly go to bed at 8:15 p.m.)

This is another show I’ve basically seen every episode of. I dropped off when I was in college, but once I graduated and moved back home I watched the seasons I missed on Netflix. I also watch this show via my DVR now, but I’m up to date on it.

So I basically grew up watching this show, and like how SVU is reliable, NCIS is comforting to me. These characters are just so special to me, and my favorite episodes are with Tony and Ziva and Abby and when McGee was a probie. I became obsessed, like legit obsessed, with this show in high school, and I looked forward to new episodes.

I feel like with this show you would’ve had to watch it from the beginning, or at least have seen a bunch of old episodes, because there are still things brought up now that refer to older stuff. (If you end up watching this show and have questions, let me know!)

Friday Night Lights

During my freshman year of college, I had a friend who had a Netflix account that he let me use for some reason, and that’s how I was able to watch Friday Night Lights in a month.

I’m so mad it’s not on there anymore—and I definitely don’t use that friend’s account anymore—because I’d watch it again if I could. I mean, what’s better than a town in Texas and high school football? My high school’s football team was absolutely horrible, so I lived vicariously through FNL. And I mean, Coach Taylor?! Come on.

friday night lights clear eyes full hearts cant lose GIF

Even if you don’t like football, you’ll still like this show. It’s just such a good show. (Also if you know where/how I can watch this show again, let a girl know.)


This was a show my dad and I used to watch together, so that’s what I associate with the show. Yet again another show that’s not on Netflix anymore, though.

It’s a “crime” show but it’s a light-hearted crime show, if that can be a thing. Wikipedia describes it as a detective comedy-drama, which makes sense. I had three favorite things about the show:

  1. The theme song. Some episodes had an extended version of it, while sometimes the song was tied in with the theme of the episode.
  2. There was always a pineapple hidden somewhere in the episode, and my dad and I would try to be the first to spot it.
  3. How Shawn introduced Gus to people:

I also don’t have many favorite episodes of shows, but I have an absolute favorite episode of this show: S7E11 Office Space.

(Second favorite episode is S6E2 Last Night Gus.)

Arrested Development

I’ve talked about this show in my monthly tea chats as I finished watching it in December. The first three seasons are the best, while you could skip season four and just watch season five.

This is such a quoteable/inside joke show. We talk about it a lot at work, mostly saying “Meanwhile, back at the model home…” Also:

  • “I don’t know what I expected.”
  • “There’s always money in the banana stand.”
  • Loose seal!

It probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s funny. I really liked it, and I definitely quote it or make references to it. (It’s a good explanation of my sense of humor.) And when applicable, I use Arrested Development gifs in texts.

Honorable Mentions

  • ER
  • The Blacklist
  • The West Wing

What are five shows to get to know you?


  1. Law and Order SVU is a good one. I’ve caught a few NCIS ones too. I don’t really watch all that much TV now (hurry up baseball!) but if I had to pick shows to reflect me, I’d pick Upstairs Downstairs (an old Masterpiece Theater series kind of like Downton Abbey), Colombo (another old one with Peter Falk as a police detective), Sherlock (any of them but I really like the series with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock), Grace and Frankie and LA Law. Shows you when I really used to watch TV!

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  2. 1- Hoarders… I have/had friends that are/were Hoarders so it’s good to explore the psychology behind it and how to deal with it.
    2- Supersize Verses Superskinny on YouTube.. The idea of swapping diets with someone else is an interesting concept. Seeing how others eat makes me realize my diet really isn’t that bad.
    3- Being Poor In America on You Tube… When I get depressed over money or lack of it. This show reminds me things could be much worse.
    4.- It’s A Wonderful Life’.. Not just a Christmas movie. Think of the people who wouldn’t have gotten help if you had never been born. You don’t know how much it meant when you paid for their lunch, or had a relationship with someone that didn’t work out. They became different people because of your actions.
    5- Gone With The Wind.. Scarlett gives me courage to fight for what I need and not to give up. Her ways may have been devious but her motivation was good for the most part. I have memorized her lines and can and do watch that movie over and over again.

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  3. This is a fun post! I feel like I can’t think of any shows right now haha! But I have always watched the Fosters and now Good Trouble. It is just one of those shows that has always been on since early high school!

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  4. What a fun post!! It would be so hard for me to pick 5 shows that could help someone get to know me. There are so many to choose from. I’ve not watched any on your list except SVU, which I LOVE. Olivia is so freakin’ cool lol.

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    • It was surprisingly easy for me to pick five but I can also see how it can be a really hard task haha. SVU is the best; people don’t understand why I’m so obsessed with the show haha.

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