Where I Buy My Running Stuff

I’ve acquired a bunch of running apparel over the last few years and I figured I’d probably share where I get all of it from!


Tank tops & shirts

I’ve seemed to get a ton of tank tops over the years, not sure how, but it’s a thing. They’re from Walmart, Target, and Old Navy. I also own a hot pink tank top from PINK that says “I hate running.”

My t-shirts are from Bob’s (before they went out of business) and Old Navy. I own less t-shirts than tank tops for some reason; I wear my Big 5K t-shirt a lot.

My long sleeve shirts are all from Old Navy, and I own a turtleneck pullover that I got at Marshall’s that I really like.


I own three running jackets: one is from Walmart, one is from Old Navy, and one is from Target. The first two are warm jackets while the last one is more of a windbreaker. I haven’t had to wear that one yet but I bought it just in case it rained on my race days.



Similar to my tank top collection, I seem to have acquired a bunch of running shorts. Most are from Old Navy and a few are from Target. The ones from Old Navy have the little key pocket in them, which comes in handy when I’m running on campus.


I own a bunch of capri-length leggings and full-length leggings. Not unlike anything else I own, most are from Old Navy and a few are from Marshall’s. Some have the little key pocket, and some don’t. I try to buy bright or patterned ones to make running seem a little more exciting.

Sneakers & Socks

I wrote about my new running sneakers last fall, and 250 miles run later, they’re still holding up great. It was a real game changer when I found out I should be running in at least one shoe size bigger than my regular shoe size.

I also love the Balega socks I bought when I got my sneakers. I haven’t had any blisters since getting new sneakers and socks.


I use these Aukey headphones, this running armband, and this running belt, all from Amazon. For $25, the headphones are great; I’m still really mad my Beats headphones died after not even a year. The armband and belt are great.

So I mean, moral of the story is that I buy a lot of my running stuff from Old Navy. It’s a store I’ve alway fit well in in general—most of my regular clothes are from there—so I guess it makes sense I buy my running clothes there. I’ve bought like half in store, half online, and knowing my size and what fits helps with the online buying.

Where do you get your workout clothes?


  1. I never knew about buying running shoes one size bigger! That’s so interesting! I get most my workout clothes from Target or Nike! I’ve never tried Old Navy but now I’m for sure going to have to give their workout gear a chance!

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    • Yes, the one size bigger is a big life changer! When I was running in sneakers that were my regular shoe size, I always got such bad blisters. Since I started running in a size bigger, I haven’t had any problems.

      And yes, checking out Old Navy is definitely worth it! I like that their stuff is pretty affordable and still cute. Like there’s no way I’m spending $85 on leggings haha.

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